20 Mar

5 times why springtime is your ultimate happiness booster

Fellow foodies, it’s time for some positivity sharing! I’m feeling great and do you know why? Because finally winter is behind us and it is officially spring again! Don’t get me wrong, I can adore winter with all its magical moments, but the cold can get a bit tiring after a while :-p So I’m definitely appreciating this new season, which always gives me so much new energy, positivity and happy feelings and I want to share Read more…

18 Mar

Snack away with yummy goat cheese balls

When it comes to savory snacking it can be a challenge to fit this into your healthy diet, without it getting boring. A hand of raw nuts is great for snacking and can be very satisfying, but sometimes you just want something different and then it can be hard to resist the nacho chips with dip for example. But do we really need to stuff ourselves with Read more…

There's always a reason to smile

Commit to be healthy

07 Mar

A gluten-free diet: hype or necessity?

Are you still consuming gluten or have you committed yourself to eating gluten-free? There seems to be an upcoming aversion against gluten. I hear it more often that people are leaving gluten out of their diet, because they say it’s not good for their health or is causing weight gain. Gluten have gotten a bad reputation lately, but is that fair? What is the actual impact on the body? Time for some explanation!

Read more…

28 Feb

5 times how I live healthier using my phone

OK – I’m totally aware of the fact that this blog post’s topic might sound a little crazy.. but it’s not! To obtain and maintain a healthy lifestyle involves making healthy choices. And just recently I have realized that a phone can only do so much for you. Most of us nowadays are stuck staring at our phone all day, so why not Read more…

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16 Feb

The Foodie-ness MEET & EAT tour 2017

I am very pleased and over-the-moon exited to announce the new, improved and super fun Foodie-ness MEET & EAT tour 2017 agenda! The Foodie-ness MEET & EAT tour 2016 created a special opportunity to meet more than 200 beautiful and inspiring girls in person, from New York, to Berlin to Amsterdam. And it has been an honor to listen to your stories and share our common love for health! All you Foodie-ness girls are amazing and it warms my heart to see that you also inspire and motivate each other during Read more…