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Walk 10,000 steps a day: this is how you do it! (4 tips)

This week we all faced “Blue Monday” – the most depressing day of the year they say. It’s the time where we feel somewhat lost with the holiday season behind us and already forgot about our new year’s resolutions. Though we shouldn’t feel down these days, but rather Read More…

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My best summer shape: let’s go extraordinary in sports

I’d say fitness is like fashion. Various workouts are coming in and out of popularity each year and so this year has its fitness trends too. It’s hard to keep on the ball when it comes to health and realizing my best summer shape, which is why I’ve teamed up with Herbalife to mix up traditional training methods and try out new, innovative and extraordinary workouts. Foodie-ness goes extraordinary in sports and this is how! Read More…

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My fave summer workouts to shape up and slim down

Is your Summer already packed with plans for lots of fun, food and relaxation? But do you worry a little on how all this goodness will affect your physique? Then read further, because I will share my fave Summer workouts to Read More…

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How to prep yourself for bikini season asap?

There’s no getting around it: bikini season is upon us and I’m itching for my very first summer vacay. Nothing is quite as intimidating as bikini season and so 8 weeks ago I’ve picked out this summer vacay as a goal and the perfect timing to get a bikini body on the fly. Well, ok – correction, more just like a healthy beach-ready body. I just wanted to feel a little bit more Read More…

Sweat now, shine later

It's the will, not the skill

Dear stress, let's break up.

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7 surprising reasons why running is good for your health

Did you know it is not only important to vary with food, but it’s also something you should do with exercising? I found out that doing the same things when it comes to working out isn’t most effective, so I like to alternate in the type of exercises I do. One of which is running! Running is something I Read More…

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5 times how to shape your body with a barre workout

Have you already noticed the booming barre workout trend? I did, but I never knew why it was so crazy popular all of a sudden – until I tried it out myself! In this blog post I give you 5 reasons why the barre workout is the hottest fitness trend to shape your body and why I think Read More…