24-11-20 | Food | breakfast |

Stack it up with healthy vegan chocolate chip pancakes

Pancakes in general are definitely one of my favs! I’m such a pancake addict that I eat pancakes weekly, but unfortunately there was a big fuss about the Dutch eggs last week (due to harmful pesticides), causing them to might not be good for your health. But I still wanted my pancakes, so I decided to go safe and make them egg-free. Read More…

25-10-20 | Food | breakfast |

Celebrate Halloween season with homemade pumpkin bread

Although Summer will always be my most favourite season, I can enjoy the good things other seasons offer as well. It’s October now and that means: Halloween time! And there’s no better way to celebrate it than with a homemade (and healthy, yes!) pumpkin bread. Read More…

17-09-20 | Food | breakfast |

Warming winter breakfast with pumpkin oats

Its no secret that one of my absolute all-time favorite things to have for breakfast is a big bowl of warm oatmeal. So good! Especially during winter time I don’t really want anything else for breakfast, because it gives me such a warm and nutritious kick-start to my day. You can vary a lot with the taste of your oatmeal, which makes it never boring. Today I want to highlight the must-try pumpkin flavor! Read More…

10-08-20 | Food | breakfast |


I used to eat tosti’s a lot when I was a child. Especially when I lived in France, we used to make the croque monsieur or madame all the time. But there are a lot of other lunch options to vary with, think of a Greek salad, a hummus sandwich or some grilled vegetables. And what happens when  Read More…

04-08-20 | Food | breakfast |


During the time I was eating vegan, I really missed eating eggs. Because I really LOVE eggs and it’s so easy to combine with several ingredients and to use for many recipes. I love to eat eggs for breakfast, for lunch, for baking sesh and I know I’m not the only one. This recipe is as Read More…

11-07-20 | Food | breakfast |


I love hummus, don’t get me wrong. But a little bit of variation can’t kill 😉 Because of that I wanted to try out something different and I found a spread healthy, fresh and low in calories. With only a few ingredients you can whip up this delicious green pea spread Read More…

12-06-20 | Food | breakfast |


Oh yes, pie for breakfast.. I’m sure you will agree that it may not get any better than that! And with this recipe you don’t have to worry about it being unhealthy. Only pure wholesome ingredients are used for this rhubarb crumble breakfast party. Check out this recipe for your next lazy weekend morning. Read More…

23-02-20 | Food | breakfast |

Healthy peanut butter cinnamon rolls for sweet mornings

Are you as crazy about PB and do you love the Starbuck cinnamon rolls just as much as I do? Then this recipe for healthy peanut butter cinnamon rolls is your way to GO! Inspired by all the Starbucks cinnamon rolls I have been eating during our last road trip vacation, I wanted to create a Foodie-ness cinnamon roll. With PB! Peanut butter is one of my favorite things to add to my breakfast or snacks and due to its good fats it’s healthy and Read More…

01-11-19 | breakfast |

How to make healthy homemade granola

Let’s make our own healthy homemade granola, girls! Making your own bowl of granola is super easy and fun, but moreover allows you to control the amount of sugar, fat and quality. I made a delicious big batch of healthy granola with coconut and almonds, and today I’m sharing the recipe!Most of the granola stuff in stores is high in sugar and contains unhealthy oils, fats and unnecessary ingredients. Today’s granola recipe is clean, “diet-proof” and full of all the vitamins, minerals, fiber, protein and (good) fat that your body needs. I think it’s a big PLUS that you can add in the flavors that you love the most, so you can really make this the best treat. I prefer to add granola to my breakfast, however you can also eat it on the go or just as a snack between meals.My last advice is to be creative sweeties, and try out new healthy (raw & organic)  ingredients every time you make yourself some yummy healthy homemade granola. Perhaps with chocolate? Nom, nom, nom..Prep time: 10 min
Cooking time: 15-20 min