29-05-21 | Food | dinner |

Baked sweet potatoes stuffed with love and vitamins

This baked sweet potato is perfect on the BBQ during the summer or as warm-hearted meal in the cold winter months. Sweet potatoes are rich in B vitamins, vitamin C, vitamin D, calcium, Iron, Magnesium which are necessary in a balanced diet.  In addition, these baked sweet potatoes contain lots of antioxidants,

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29-05-21 | Food | snacks |

Healthy snacking with delicious coffee blondies

The previous blondies on the blog were so much appreciated by you guys (I totally agree :-p) which inspired me to prepare another blondies recipe with more depth and a touch of coffee. And believe me: this delicious coffee blondie recipe is so yummy! I really like coffee and unfortunatley I don’t come across many baked goods in which coffee is used.

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29-05-21 | Food | breakfast |

Li-la-lemon poppy seed cake 157 kcal

Are you always distracted by all the delicious pastry at your favourite coffee shops? You can smell all the delicious cakes and cookies from outside and inside you no longer know what to choose. From brownies to cookies, from carrot cake to lemon poppy seed cakes. They often have everything! That’s why I’d like to come up with an healthy alternative.

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27-05-21 | Food | breakfast |

Summer feelings with the easiest tropical smoothie bowl

How are your summer feelings so far? Summer is making its entrance again and I looove the vibe that comes with it. If you agree then pay attention, because we can increase those vibes! Get yourself in summer mode by enjoying fresh summery food, for which a tropical smoothie bowl does very well. Smoothie bowls are Read More…

25-05-21 | Food | dinner |

Trending and easy to make vegan poke bowl

Have you tried out this tasty trend yet? I’m sure you have seen lots of colorful pics passing by lately and it’s an absolute summer favorite in healthy world: the poke bowl! This dish doesn’t only look super yummy, it is also very healthy and quite easy to make. Read More…

19-05-21 | weight-loss |

SOS summer fit: get bikini body ready ASAP

I can’t get over the fact how time flies by so quick that it’s already Summer season again! This Thursday is the official first day of Summer and I love it! But… that means we want to feel happy bikini body ready again as well. Do you want to find out how to get SOS summer fit asap pls? Read More…

17-05-21 | Food | snacks |

Happiness is homemade healthy bounty

Happiness is.. baking bounty’s together! Together with the sweetest girl from Healthy Baking, we came up with the idea to throw ourselves some kind of “baking party” and share our 4 best recipes (read: amazing healthy treats!) online with the Foodie-ness readers. The healthy bounty recipe is definitely a winner, so read more now when you like the taste of choco and cocos! Read More…

01-05-21 | breakfast |

How to make healthy homemade granola

Let’s make our own healthy homemade granola, girls! Making your own bowl of granola is not only super easy and fast, but moreover allows you to control the amount of sugar, fat and quality. I made a delicious big batch of healthy granola with coconut and cranberries, and today I’m sharing the recipe! Read more…

29-01-21 | Food | dinner |

Falling for this favorite fall pumpkin soup

Do you recognize this feeling? The feeling of soup when days start to get cold, shorter and it’s dark outside. Especially when pumpkin season is there, I tend to go straight to this favourite fall pumpkin soup. Pumpkin soup radiates autumn and winter for me and what I love about soup, is that it’s super easy to make, easy to vary, easy to keep for the day after,

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29-01-21 | Food | breakfast |

Soft and sweet: healthy Pear Crumble

In the weekends, I always like to give a little bit extra, extra in the kitchen, extra attention for cooking and extra enjoyment. If you have all my cookbooks at home, you know I love crumbs for breakfast. And so: this pear crumble with lots of tasty spices and oatmeal could not be missed on the Foodie-ness blog. Besides the fact that a crumble is of course super tasty,

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