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Gave into a sugar rush? 5 tips to recover from a sugar hangover

The holiday season is coming up again and I’m so excited! And we all know what comes with this time of year: lots and lots of food! The stores are filled with many seductive high-carb foods which are sometimes hard to resist. So what to do when you gave in to that sugar madness? I have 5 tips to recover from a sugar hangover to feel fit in no time.

“Eat less sugar, you’re sweet enough already”

I think we all know that too much sugar is not good for us, but to act to it can be quite hard. When we’ve indulged in that sugar, we may experience true hangover feelings after. Feeling tired, nauseous and bloated, or having headaches and mood swings aren’t uncommon effects after a sugar rush. It can come shortly or even the day after. These are symptoms that we gave our bodies too much of a hard time and it’s protesting! But there are ways to make you feel better sooner..

#1 Water first
One important reason of a having a hangover, whether from sugar or alcohol, is being dehydrated. They both are a burden on your liver, making it work extra hard to detox and detracting water from the body. Make sure to drink lots of water and green tea after your sugar rush to rinse your body and support it in its detoxification.

#2 Balance it out
After a sugar roller coaster we should treat our bodies with loads of heathy stuff to recover. Try to stay of the sugar for a couple of days and choose fresh foods packed with vitamins and minerals. Food high in protein, fiber and/or good fats helps to feel full and prevent from overeating fast carbs. Natural sugars found in fruit are not a problem of course.

#3 Get active
You may feel like nothing more than laying on the couch when you experience a sugar hangover, but it’s really better to get a little active. You don’t have to go for the hardest workout, but a little activity will speed the process to recover. Go for a nice walk or grab your bike to do a little touring. This will increase the digestion and the fresh air is a real mood booster!

#4 Stay strong
After consuming sugar, it takes about 20 minutes for your blood sugar level to increase, having you in a sugar rush. Though after that high peek, your blood sugar will drop drastically. This will make you feel tired, resulting in wanting more sugar to feel good again… Sugar messes with your hormones and is really that addictive! Though if you stay strong and don’t give into those feelings, the craving will go away again soon.

#5 Don’t stress
Remember that it’s not a huge problem when you’ve had a sugar indulgence, this can happen. As long as it doesn’t happen often, you will recover from this just fine. It’s good when we are dedicated to a healthy lifestyle, but we don’t have to be so hard on ourselves. The holidays are a time where you can give yourself a break from your nutrition and exercise plan, which eventually helps to keep you committed to a healthy lifestyle. Don’t stress if you had a bit too much sugar, just try to make a better choice next time. And remember to think twice about what you’re getting when you go to the store. You can’t eat what you don’t have at home, so no sugary stuff means no temptations!

There you have my tips for a fast sugar hangover recovery and I hope this helps you feeling better real fast. If you have other tricks up your sleeve to beat that sugar cravings and recover from it ASAP, then please share with us 🙂

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  • Bobbyleighbadcott

    When I had to much sugar I did not feel good for a few days because I had a really bad headache and my tummy was hurting all the time and i felt really tired all the time so I could not sleep and I was stressed all the time so that why I what to have sugar to help me feel a little bit better and after that I do t think I will have it again because I what to get into a better life and not have so much things to worry about all the time so I hope this story of my really help others that have be going through a really hard time with a family or friends lol from bobbyleighbadcott

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