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4 ways to beat your winter dip effectively

Are you also as done with winter at this time as me? Don’t get me wrong: winter does have its charm with the holidays and snow! Though as about now, where its mostly just cold and raining, most of us can’t wait to get out of these darker days and into spring… It can really affect our mood and energy level, but there are a few simple and effective ways to beat this winter dip!
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02-03-20 | MIND | happiness |

My daily routines to enlarge my health and happiness

When you have to describe me, I think you can say I’m super organized. I’m not the one who’s over-in-control over everything,  yet I always try to be productive and have control over my own feelings. And at this time in my life I can say that I’ve developed certain skills to enlarge my Read More…

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Gave into a sugar rush? 5 tips to recover from a sugar hangover

The holiday season is coming up again and I’m so excited! And we all know what comes with this time of year: lots and lots of food! The stores are filled with many seductive high-carb foods which are sometimes hard to resist. So what to do when you gave in to that sugar madness? I have 5 tips to recover from a sugar hangover to Read More…

12-11-19 | MIND | happiness |

5 tips to reach a happy hormonal balance and overall health

Let’s talk about something we’re dealing with each day: hormones. We all experience hormonal effects daily, some more than others. And even when we don’t realize it, they are still there working hard for you! Hormones should be appreciated and your friend, because a happy hormonal balance can give you so much joy. Want to find out how to reach that happy hormonal balance and upgrade your overall health?

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25-09-19 | MIND | happiness |

The 5 secrets behind a successful start of something new

We are already a few weeks into the new year and for most people this means we’re in the middle of new beginning(s). Better known as new year’s intentions! But do you know how to do that best? How do you successfully kick-off new beginnings and turn them into new habits? Find out my secrets of a good start (it can be anything!) and challenge yourself!

The thing about new beginnings is that they require something else to end.

Tip 1: Visualize your gains
A good motivation to have a successful start of something new is by visualizing what you want to achieve. And not only physical goals, like shining in that bikini body next summer. Also try to imagine how you want to feel. What’s most important for you in creating an optimal lifestyle?

Tip 2: Don’t set the bar too high
When we know what we want to achieve, we get super excited and start making grand plans on how we want to accomplish this. Think about working out every day, eating healthy food only, etc. However, it can work against you getting into it this drastic. It’s good to aim high, but not too high. Rather make realistic goals and plans that you can keep up. Don’t wish for all at once, just do what fits your body and mind.

Tip 3: Know your weakness
And even realistic goals may seem hard to keep up sometimes. Though in most cases we know our weaknesses, so take that into account before starting. Knowing where it may get difficult and try to prevent that can help in the success. For example by not buying those unhealthy snacks and not making excuses for your workouts.

Tip 4: Believe in yourself
Despite things won’t be easy at all times, we’re capable of doing more than we might think! Always believe in your own strength and don’t give up. It doesn’t have to be a complete failure when there have been a few setbacks. Each beginning is a chance and a good result is in your own hands.

Trust the magic of new beginnings!

Tip 5: Be good to you
Most important of all: remember that you’re always good the way you are. You’re worth being loved, no matter what you look or feel like. Therefore you shouldn’t be too hard on yourself. Always love yourself and just enjoy the process.

January is a great time to make a successful start of something new, but make sure to do that because you really want to. Before you know, you’re used to this new lifestyle and don’t even know how else to do it anymore. Don’t be afraid of failure and create that good start all by yourself!

With love,

12-02-19 | MIND | happiness |

How to create a healthy mind for a happier life

With everything that comes to our busy existence, I feel like life can be a little overwhelming sometimes. Everyone seems always busy, running around and never a sleep. Stress and burn-outs are lurking due to all those commitments we have nowadays. And that is why it’s so important to not only work on a healthy body, but also on a healthy mind. Read here how I get zen in a hectic life! Read More…

21-01-19 | MIND | happiness |

Vegan food diary review: how was my first week as a veganista?

Last week I told you that I would challenge myself by eating vegan for one week. Veganism is becoming more and more on trend these days and I wanted to try it out. I promised you guys to share my experiences with you, so: how did I survive a 100% plant based diet for seven days straight? What was the most difficult and challenging and what aspects did I really like or dislike? Here is my vegan food diary review! Read More…

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Purposeful new year’s resolutions for your happiest year

I can’t believe it’s December and the new year is in sight already! A time of new game, new chances. January 1st feels like a new beginning for many, and personally I like to take the opportunity to make a fresh start too. I can feel pretty tired at the end of the year which makes me searching for Read More…

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Secret revealed: why NOT to diet during the holidays

Ho-ho-hoooo! It’s almost the most wonderful time of the year again: Christmas! This means we’re all in full holiday spirit and eating is a big part of this. In a way that may not fit your healthy lifestyle completely… Although it’s tempting to start or continue to (crash) diet these days, I want to tell you why I believe it’s better NOT to diet during the holidays at all Read More…

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10 tips to get more productive and create more free time!

I can say that my days are always packed with lots of activities. But how do I manage to get everything done and still have time left for family, friends, fun and me? By spending my time efficiently following a couple of effective tricks! Find out how you also can get more productive and create more free time to enjoy with these 10 tips! Read More…