29-05-21 | Food | breakfast |

Li-la-lemon poppy seed cake 157 kcal

Are you always distracted by all the delicious pastry at your favourite coffee shops? You can smell all the delicious cakes and cookies from outside and inside you no longer know what to choose. From brownies to cookies, from carrot cake to lemon poppy seed cakes. They often have everything! That’s why I’d like to come up with an healthy alternative.

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25-05-21 | Food | dinner |

Trending and easy to make vegan poke bowl

Have you tried out this tasty trend yet? I’m sure you have seen lots of colorful pics passing by lately and it’s an absolute summer favorite in healthy world: the poke bowl! This dish doesn’t only look super yummy, it is also very healthy and quite easy to make. Read More…

19-05-21 | weight-loss |

SOS summer fit: get bikini body ready ASAP

I can’t get over the fact how time flies by so quick that it’s already Summer season again! This Thursday is the official first day of Summer and I love it! But… that means we want to feel happy bikini body ready again as well. Do you want to find out how to get SOS summer fit asap pls? Read More…

29-01-21 | Food | dinner |

Falling for this favorite fall pumpkin soup

Do you recognize this feeling? The feeling of soup when days start to get cold, shorter and it’s dark outside. Especially when pumpkin season is there, I tend to go straight to this favourite fall pumpkin soup. Pumpkin soup radiates autumn and winter for me and what I love about soup, is that it’s super easy to make, easy to vary, easy to keep for the day after,

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29-01-21 | Food | breakfast |

True happiness in a snack: Cardamom Pear Cupcakes

Cardamom may not be something you will often need when making delicious baked goods. However, cardamom will immediately creates a delicious taste explosion in your mouth. In this recipe for cardamom pear cupcakes, we used a combination of cardamom and pear. Pear does not have a pronounced taste, so these flavors match very well.

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29-01-21 | Food | breakfast |

Diet-friendly alternative for traditional English Flapjacks

This flapjacks recipe is a total picture of your health. Not only does it contains enough carbohydrates, proteins and fats, this cake also contains the small nutrients that we also need (so bad). Because, we can’t miss the small nutrients, such as minerals, vitamins and fiber, in a healthy balanced diet. The nuts from this flapjacks recipe provide weight loss, help lower

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24-11-20 | Food | breakfast |

Stack it up with healthy vegan chocolate chip pancakes

Pancakes in general are definitely one of my favs! I’m such a pancake addict that I eat pancakes weekly, but unfortunately there was a big fuss about the Dutch eggs last week (due to harmful pesticides), causing them to might not be good for your health. But I still wanted my pancakes, so I decided to go safe and make them egg-free. Read More…

11-10-20 | Food | weight-loss |

Must-read: my top 5 fat burning foods

Do you ever feel like there is nothing happening with your body, though you do stick to your diet? Diet is a huge part of the fat-burning process so today I want to talk about fat burning foods that work for you instead of against you – and your waistline! Sometimes your diet needs a little extra push and that is where I come in! Want to know which ones I am talking about?  Read More…

11-09-20 | Food | weight-loss |

The truth about meal frequencies

Girls, there’s something I have to admit… I looove to eat haha! All day, every day. Ever since I got serious with my fit journey by starting to work out regularly and making better choices, I’m feeling like I’m in a current state of hunger. So today I wanted to talk about meal frequencies and tell you how frequently I think you actually are Read More…

10-09-20 | Food | snacks |

Go choco loco with healthy chocolate truffles

Oh yes girls, I found something amazing for your chocolate cravings AND it’s even healthy! What’s better than that? Nothing I guess, so stop whatever it is you are doing and treat yourself asap with these healthy chocolate truffles! Read More…