21 Jun
healthy iced tea

Chill down with a sugar-free minty iced tea

Hot summer days are coming and you might wanna beat the summer heat with a healthy, refreshing and cool drink? That’s low-carb and sugar free? Help is here girlies! Iced tea has always been one of my favorite summer drinks, but the ones in store always contain a lot of sugar. Making it yourself is therefore a much better idea and super easy and FUN too! Read more…

You are what you eat

16 Jun
healthy watermelon slush puppie

Summer feelings with a watermelon-vanilla slushy

Slush puppiessss! I loved these a kid and just recently I have discovered a way to treat myself on a healthy alternative and re-live the cherished memories from my childhood. Pretty sure you will want to make yourself a Watermelon-vanilla slushy this summer girls.. with a 3-ingredient only recipe! Read more…

Believe you can and you're halfway there

09 Jun
Foodie-ness abs workout

VIDEO: 23 min. abs workout

Summer is on the way and we all want to get that healthy, sexy and strong beach body. For me, this includes having a healthy looking flat stomach. For you too? Good! Because you can start craving your abs now with a NEW 23 min. Foodie-ness abs workout video Read more…

07 Jun
Foodie-ness: how many rest days?

Workout recovery: how many rest days?

We all know how a run in the morning or pumping your muscles in the gym can be beneficial for a healthy body, however giving your body enough rest is just as important for your overall well being. Though we all might believe that we need to workout as often as possible to get that beloved bikini body, that actually isn’t Read more…

04 Jun
Glamour Health Challenge Foodie-ness

WIN: free tickets to join a workout with me and 3000 girls!

Girls, girls, girls! Who would like to win free tickets for the Glamour Health Challenge event in Amsterdam? Because I’m one of the Zalando VIP reporters and fulfilling a special role in the program, I can giveaway 25 tickets! Read here how you can win AND watch the promo video I’ve made with Glamour & Zalando! Read more…

02 Jun
Foodie-ness upper body workout

VIDEO: 23 min. upper body workout

Yippeee-ya-yay! It’s time for a NEW 23. min Foodie-ness upper body workout video. Fear not, ladies because it’s a common misconception that training your upper-body will cause you Arnold-style-arms. On the contrary, an upper body workout blasts your shoulders, back, chest and arms! Read more…