26 May
healthy nutella banana ice cream

Nutella banana ice cream: only a trio of ingredients

Summer is coming and you know what that means… TIME FOR ICE CREAM! But as much as we love Magnums or those big scoops of delish gelato, I think it’s a better idea to make your own, keep it healthy and eat it more often. Let me show you how to serve yourself some sweet, healthy and easy-to-make Nutella banana ice cream with only Read more…

24 May
Foodie-ness legs and bum workout

VIDEO: 23 min. legs and bum workout

Let’s be honest: nothing is sexier than strong legs and a curvy bum. Especially during the mini skirt-and shorts season! Wanna know how I train my lower body? Today’s 23 min. Foodie-ness legs and bum workout video shows you my favorite exercises to tone it up and burn fat fast. Read more…

Be happy. Be bright. Be you.

17 May
Foodie-ness abs workout

VIDEO: 23 min. abs workout

Yippee-ya-yay! It’s time for a new 23 min. Foodie-ness workout video and this is one of everyone’s favorite subjects: abs training. I have always dreamed about a flat stomach, lean abs and a slim waist. You too? Here is my favorite abs workout with exercises for toning your midsection Read more…

You can and you will

12 May
weight fluctuations

My explanation for your daily weight fluctuations

Standing on your scale can be awful. One day you stand on the scale and you may be fine with the numbers on it, but the next day all of a sudden its telling you that you gained weight! Recognizable? This used to get me really frustrated, but now I know it is actually a normal thing. Let me tell you Read more…

10 May
upper body workout

VIDEO: 23 min. upper body workout

Hi-ha-helloooo! Did you like my first Foodie-ness leg-and bum workout video? If yes, get ready for the next! This 23 min. upper body workout is an intensive routine to blast your shoulders, back, chest and sculpting sexy shoulder muscles. Great results in minimal time! Read more…

08 May
peanut butter banana wrap

That peanut butter banana wrap party

For me peanut butter and banana are the Romeo and Juliet of perfect food combinations! They taste both good on itself, but together they are a match made in heaven. And on top of that: these foods are an absolute go for your fitgirl food diet. Want to know how I’m wrapping these two ingredients into one delish snack?  Read more…

05 May

My “healthy highlights” from April

Helloooo to all you pretty foodies out there! Another month has passed by, which means you can expect a new monthly “healthy highlights” post! I’m beyond excited to write April’s story, because it has been a special and crazy one. Can you guess why? Read more…