05 Dec
beat a sugar addiction foodie-ness

Craving for sweet? 6 tips to beat your sugar addiction!

It’s something we all love and find hard to resist: sugar. Unfortunately it’s bad for our health and though we all know it, we still can’t seem to stay off the sweet stuff. Off course a little sugar is needed in life, but we’ve came to a point where we exceed the healthy amounts of sugar and became addicted to it. It took me some time, but I’ve managed to get control over my cravings for Read more…

01 Dec
healthy veggie omelet

Easy all-day healthy veggie omelet recipe

Looking for a healthy veggie omelet recipe that you can have for breakfast, lunch or even as part of your dinner? Then I’ve got the perfect one, because eggs can fulfill either of those! They are packed with high quality protein and that’s why they are loved by healthy freaks, but almost everyone can Read more…

28 Nov
Foodie-ness strong and sexy legs

My 5 ultimate exercises for strong and sexy legs

Bootybuilding is the new bodybuilding! My bittersweet favorite when it comes to working out: leg day! I love to train my legs, because I can go hard at it, work up a sweat and it makes me feel super strong. Focusing a work-out on the lower part of your body is really great for building strong and sexy legs and today I want to show you there is more than squats – lol! Read more…

22 Nov
healthy scones

Sunday morning vibes with homemade healthy scones

Do you know that feeling of Sunday mornings with a big breakfast with your family or lover while staying in your PJ’s for as long as possible? I do and I appreciate those moments to heart, especially now winter is here! Taking your time to relax and enjoy some carefree moments is really important, and eating is often a significant part of this. When you’re pursuing a fit life, I know it Read more…

14 Nov
weight-loss goals

This is how I achieved my weight-loss goals! (5 tips)

Making permanent changes to your lifestyle, diet and exercise routine can be very challenging and I know it is easier said than done. However, there are ways to beat the reoccuring excuses. There are ways to transfer fear into action. And there are ways to stop saying “I wish” and start saying “I will”. Today I wanna share 5 tips that helped me to lose 15kg! Read more…

Trust your instincts

08 Nov
living healthy

The real truth behind living healthy? My opinion!

I’m sure you have noticed the discussions on the news and social media lately, about how to live a healthy life. Health is hot and happening right now and everyone wants to share their opinion about this topic. But with all this commotion it gets quite hard to figure out who is right and what the actual truth is. Of course I can’t resist telling you how I feel about all of this! Read more…

03 Nov
workout when you're sick

To workout or not to workout when you’re sick?

The hardest part of being sick, is having very little control over your body. Which can be really frustrating, if you ask me. However, it doesn’t have to mean that you have to give up your healthy habits immediately and throw in the towel just yet! Curious how I deal with my workouts when I’m sick? Let me tell you all about it Read more…

01 Nov
Foodie-ness healthy highlights

My “healthy highlights” from October

New month, new beginning, new mindset, new focus, new start, new intentions and new results – I hope. But first, let’s look back at October. In today’s “healthy highlights” blog post, I wanna give you an update on everything that has been going on behind the scenes of Foodie-ness. No food and fitness talk, but a little more personal stuff! Are you ready? Read more…

27 Oct
Foodie-ness sports injuries

Sports injuries: the do’s and don’ts (must-read!)

When it comes to exercising, we hear about all the positive effects it has and how good it is to train frequently. However, there is an important side of working out that is usually being neglected: sports injuries. With an increasing amount of people practicing their fitness game individually instead of with a trainer, injuries are lurking. I think this is an important subject to Read more…