26 Sep
Low calorie FROYO Nutella cupcakes

Delicious and 124 kcal: FROYO Nutella cupcakes

When in Rome, eating gelato every day is almost inevitable, cause it’s way too good and you want to try all those delicious flavors! However, having ice cream every day when you’re not on a holiday isn’t the best idea. Due to the amount of fat and sugar in ice cream it’s high in calories. A better alternative for that is FROYO Nutella cupcakes with Read more…

15 Sep
healthy chocolate cake

To all the chocoholics: healthy chocolate cake

Oh yeah girls, it’s baking time with one of my favorite ingredients: cacao! As you probably already know, I looove me some chocolate and no! I couldn’t live without. Did you know raw cacao actually has several health benefits? Using raw cacao powder is better than Read more…

13 Sep
meal frequencies

The truth about meal frequencies

Girls, there’s something I have to admit… I looove to eat haha! All day, every day. Ever since I got serious with my fit journey by starting to work out regularly and making better choices, I’m feeling like I’m in a current state of hunger. So today I wanted to talk about meal frequencies and tell you how frequently I think you actually are Read more…

11 Sep
healthy carrot soup

Vitamin-bomb your body with carrot soup

If you think that soup isn’t a meal to have in September, I hope this recipe for healthy carrot soup will make you change your mind! I can really enjoy a warm bowl of good soup on a Sunday, even while it’s a sunny day, cause it helps you to stay hydrated. This easy peasy recipe for healthy soup is Read more…

Have a healthy day

06 Sep
Foodie-ness and Loavies

My “healthy highlights” from August

Hi girls! It feels like the month August has passed by in a split second and so it’s time to share with you my monthly “healthy highlights” from August. As we speak – or as you read -, I’m writing this blog post from a healthy hotspot in Berlin and I can’t wait to tell you Read more…

30 Aug
Foodie-ness diet plan

DIY: Make your own diet plan in 7 simple steps

Are you struggling to get your food habits right? Then read further to find out how to beat it and easily achieve your goals! Pretty often, I receive the question whether I make my own food schedules? And if I can create a diet plan for you. Yes, I make my own diet plan, but you can do that too! In today’s blog Read more…

23 Aug
maintain healthy on a festival

7 tips: how I maintain healthy on a Festival

The festival season is still in full swing and I’m loving it! It makes me happy to be around all those happy party people while I’m enjoying good music, drinks, food, friends and good weather. In order to have some fun at a festival, I know it can be hard to stick to your healthy lifestyle. Therefore I want to Read more…

Believe in yourself

18 Aug
Foodie-ness bikini body HIIT

3 times a simple bikini body HIIT routine

Fit-chicks! It’s time for some active exercising to help you look strong and sexy in your cute bikinis this summer! Have you always wanted to try a High Intensity Interval Training, but don’t know what to do? Today I want to share 3 simply and fast bikini body HIIT routines with you, based on three different levels: one for beginners, one intermediate and one at advanced level. Read more…