27 Oct
Foodie-ness sports injuries

Sports injuries: the do’s and don’ts (must-read!)

When it comes to exercising, we hear about all the positive effects it has and how good it is to train frequently. However, there is an important side of working out that is usually being neglected: sports injuries. With an increasing amount of people practicing their fitness game individually instead of with a trainer, injuries are lurking. I think this is an important subject to Read more…

24 Oct
healthy grilled chicken wrap

Healthy grilled chicken wrap to wrap up your meal!

Are you into a quick meal for either lunch, post-workout or maybe a light dinner? Then wraps are your way to go! This is such an easy way to add up to your daily dose of vegetables and keeps you satisfied for a couple of hours. Rather than grabbing one from your local fast food place, it’s just as fast to make yourself. They are also great to Read more…

20 Oct
stress and anxious

Feeling stressed and anxious? This is how to beat it now!

Stress is everywhere. Heavy workload at work, a houshold you need to run day after day, the free time you are looking for to complete at least one workout, your friends and family you want to give your full attention, the phone that keeps ringing and the hairdresser you want to visit on time. Recognizable? This is my secret for stressmanagement. Read more…

17 Oct
healthy tiramisu

Heavenly healthy tiramisu for you

I can hear you think: “Healthy tiramisu; is that even possible?” Well, yes – it actually is! Though I have to admit, it was a bit of a challenge. Italians really know how to please your taste buds, but they don’t seem to worry much about how it makes you look in a bikini haha. Sometimes you just need an after dinner treat and tiramisu is probably Read more…

06 Oct
Foodie-ness post-workout meals

5 reasons why your post-workout meals should be on point

Nutrition is super important, in first place of course to stay healthy, but also to achieve your personal body goals. When it comes to creating a toned or muscular body, it’s not only the workouts you do that gets you there. What you eat before and after your workout counts just as much! In this blog post I want to share with you Read more…

04 Oct
get your energy boosted

Feeling tired? 3 tips to get your energy boosted!

By now everybody probably is back from their vacay’s, back to school or work and the weather is slowly turning… Yes, summer is officially over. And with all that you might be experiencing a little post-summer blues (just like me!), which can result in feeling less energized. But there are ways to get over this tired feeling and get your energy boosted again, and Read more…

02 Oct
Carolina from Foodie-ness

My “healthy highlights” from September

Goodbye September, hello to my “healthy highlights” from September! As always, at the end of the month it’s time to look back and share my healthy highlights with you. Why? Well, obviously there’s more in life than fruits, veggies, gymlife and running shoes, and I want the Foodie-ness blog to be personal, human and Read more…

29 Sep
visible abs

Not getting that tight belly and visible abs? This is why!

A tight lean belly with nice lines: don’t we all want that? Very often I hear girls say that they want to lose belly fat, have a tight belly and visible abs, and they ask me how to realize that? But is it possible to only train for a flat stomach? Let’s dig a little deeper into this and find out how fat burning actually works Read more…

Strength within, pride throughout

26 Sep
Low calorie FROYO Nutella cupcakes

Delicious and 124 kcal: FROYO Nutella cupcakes

When in Rome, eating gelato every day is almost inevitable, cause it’s way too good and you want to try all those delicious flavors! However, having ice cream every day when you’re not on a holiday isn’t the best idea. Due to the amount of fat and sugar in ice cream it’s high in calories. A better alternative for that is FROYO Nutella cupcakes with Read more…