25 Jul
healthy tuna tartlets

Skinny tuna tartlets for a healthy fishy variation

Are you in the need of some new inspiration when it comes to adding fish to your diet? Then I might got a good option for you! For those of you who follow me for a while might know that I’m a big fan of fish treats. Fish is super healthy and is advised to be eaten at least once a week. This recipe for tuna tartlets has been tasted by my non-fit-girl-friends and they loved it too!! Read more…

21 Jul
cardio weight loss

4 tips to best balance cardio with weight training

People tend to choose a side when it comes to fitness: you either love cardio and can’t get enough of it, or you hate it and stay away from it while putting all your energy into lifting weights. I used to be a cardio-only person, but then I found out the benefits of weight training and now I prefer to combine it! Today I want to share my four tips with you, about Read more…

Be gentle with yourself

16 Jul
foodie-ness optimal greek style yoghurt drink

4 times why I include low-fat dairy foods into my diet

Who grew up drinking milk at almost every meal? ME! My mom told me that dairy foods – like milk – offer a bounty of health benefits. I still believe it’s important to include dairy products in my diet, but this time around I make sure to choose low-fat products. Wanna know why?  Today I give you 4 reasons why I love my dairy! Read more…

14 Jul
Foodie-ness ING

A Foodie-ness dinner party: what’s on the menu?

Hi-ha-hellooo foodies! Every 3 weeks me and my friends organize a dinner party at someone’s house. If you’re the host of that particular evening, it means you’ll have to serve dinner. This week it was my turn and I wanted to show you what a Foodie-ness menu looks like and how you can treat your guests on some healthy, and Read more…

12 Jul
Foodie-ness Mallorca

From Mallorca with love and happiness

It has been a couple of amazing days on my favorite island Mallorca, but now that I’m back home it’s time to share it all with you! For me Mallorca represents a place full of precious memories, love and happiness and today I want to tell you why. And let’s not forget all the great food, drinks, scenery and beaches. Are you ready for a Mallorca-vacay spam? Read more…

The sexiest curve on your body is your smile

08 Jul
Mixing up the summer fruits!

My vacay food: how to stay slim while on vacation

Summer vacays = an overload of happy food!! For me vacation usually equals eating unhealthy and letting go a bit too much. And that will leave you end up happy about the foods on your plate, but not so happy about the results on your body. Are you looking forward to a holiday break from your everyday flow, but worried about how to stay slim while on vacation? Then I’ve got Read more…

01 Jul
Foodie-ness healthy highlights

My “healthy highlights” from June

Goodbye June, hello July! Before it’s time to say goodbye, you know it’s time for my monthly “healthy highlights” post and as always you can expect an update on my current food- and workout flow, some behind the scenes stuff and moorreeeee photo’s! Read more…