12 Jan
weight gain recovery

Fast weight gain recovery: this is how!

I’m kind of sad, because the holiday season with all its fun and magic is already over. Now everything is getting back to normal again, including our eating habits. We’ve enjoyed a period of good food and being less strict, which may have caused some weight gain? It definitely did to me! Although this isn’t something to be worried about, we don’t want to Read more…

03 Jan
Foodie-ness Body & Fit

5 reasons why your post-workout meal must be on point

Nutrition is super important, in first place of course to stay healthy, but also to achieve your personal body goals. When it comes to creating a toned or muscular body, it’s not only the workouts you do that gets you there and nutrition really made all the difference for my progression! What you eat before and after your workout counts just as much and I want to share with you the most important (and must-read!) benefits of Read more…

30 Dec
healthy sweet potato puree

My favorite all season sweet potato puree

It’s time for a vegetarian recipe that is actually suited for all seasons, (because you can easily get all the products in it year round) has a great flavor and is full of ingredients that boost your body and health. Sweet potato is one of my personal favorites to have for dinner. You can prepare it in many different ways, of which one is Read more…

22 Dec
Foodie-ness why NOT to diet during the holidays

Secret revealed: why NOT to diet during the holidays

Ho-ho-hoooo! It’s almost the most wonderful time of the year again: Christmas! This means we’re all in full holiday spirit and eating is a big part of this. In a way that may not fit your healthy lifestyle completely… Although it’s tempting to start or continue to (crash) diet these days, I want to tell you why I believe it’s better NOT to diet during the holidays at all Read more…

Excuses don't burn calories

20 Dec
My top 4 Christmas gift favorites

My top 4 Christmas gift favorites

Christmas time is a magic time! For the most of us, Christmas is all about the time of being with your beloved ones, enjoying a lot of festive food and giving and receiving gifts. Sometimes it can be difficult to just find the most thoughtful, fun and perfect Christmas gift for your family and friends. Are you still looking? You’ve come to the right place, because I’m about to Read more…

18 Dec
healthy Christmas cookies

Healthy Christmas cookies for no-guilt festive fun

It seems that holiday seasons can’t be without the typical holiday snacking. And there are two sides to this, because we love to treat ourselves with something extra during special occasions (and we should!), but we also want to stick to our healthy diets. Let me tell you: it is possible to do both! You can have some treats while sticking to your responsible eating habits by Read more…

You deserve to be happy

13 Dec
chocolate is good for weight-loss

5 reasons why chocolate definitely suits a healthy lifestyle!

Oh boy, I’m oh-soooo guilty of being a chocolate freak.. Start talking about chocolate and you’ve got my full attention – lol! Chocolate has a reputation of not being the best choice in food and is in most cases even labeled unhealthy. However this is now coming to a turn, because recent studies show it isn’t that bad at all and I’m going to give you 5 reasons why Read more…

08 Dec
body types sony

Your body type and the perfect way to eat and train

As humans we are all so differently and unique, yet we’re all so the same. This makes it able to categorize people on different body types, based on how the body is built up. Ready to find out what your body type is and how to eat and train in order to make this work best in your favor? Read more…