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Chocolate, caramel and biscuits: everything for the perfect mix-twix pie

Okay, okay. Maybe the Mars is my ultimate number 1, but the Twix deserved a well-deserved second place. With a base of almond flour, coconut oil and dates, a caramel of dates with peanut butter and a dark chocolate layer, this homemade twix pie is vegan, crunchy on the outside and deliciously creamy on the inside.

In terms of taste, this resembles a Millionaire’s shortbread: a biscuit layer with a caramel layer with a chocolate layer on top. Try it now and you will immediately understand what I mean.



  • 200 g almond flour
  • 3 tsp coconut oil
  • 5 dates

Caramel layer:

  • 200 g dates
  • 60 g peanut butter
  • 2 tsp almond milk
  • piece of seasalt

Chocolate layer:

  • dark chocolate


  • Energy: 391 kcal
  • Carbs: 27 g
  • Protein: 7,4 g
  • Fat: 27 g
  • Fiber: 4,6 g


  1. Line a baking form with parchment paper and set aside.
  2. Add the almond flour, coconut oil, and dates to a food processor or high speed blender and pulse until well combined.
  3. Press the mixture evenly into the bottom of the pan and place in the freezer while you prepare the next layer.
  4. Add the dates, nut butter, almond milk, and salt in a blender and blend until thick and creamy. Remove pan from the freezer and spread the mixture in an even layer on top of the crust. Place the pan back in the freezer.
  5. Melt the chocolate bars in a pan over medium low, stirring often to prevent burning.
  6. Remove pan from the freezer and add the chocolate mixture on top of the date caramel layer.
  7. Place the pan in the fridge for an hour. 
  8. Heat the knife and cut into pieces.



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