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10 tips to get more productive and create more free time!

I can say that my days are always packed with lots of activities. But how do I manage to get everything done and still have time left for family, friends, fun and me? By spending my time efficiently following a couple of effective tricks! Find out how you also can get more productive and create more free time to enjoy with these 10 tips!

Being more productive means getting lots of things successfully done in a shorter time. This can be quite difficult when you feel overwhelmed with all the things you need to be doing. It can even result in you doing nothing at all – been there done that. But now I’ve found a way to get more productive on a daily basis. Here’s how you can do it too:

  1. Write it down
    Planning your daily activities helps in getting a good overview. I can’t do without my agenda and journals to write everything down. Think meetings, deadlines, trips, but also good (or not so good haha) ideas to make sure I won’t forget anything important.
  2. Planning is everything
    It helps to prioritize tasks on when it should be finished. I tend to give myself deadlines when, even when there’s not a specific time for it to be done. Try to minimize the time you give yourself for a certain task. From this I make a weekly planning and daily to do-lists.
  3. Keep it doable
    Having a larger task to complete? Try breaking it up into multiple little ones to make it feel more doable. Checking of multiple things also gives more happy feelings 🙂 Though be cautious for making a too long to do-list as this can scare off getting started.
  4. Stop procrastinating
    Not feeling like doing certain tasks just yet? Well, there is never a perfect time so don’t wait for that. It’s time to stop procrastinating and start doing! When starting immediately you don’t have to dread with the feeling all day and you can reward yourself after with some relaxing free time. Double win!
  5. Less distraction
    If you want to succeed you should be cautious for distraction. Our phones are always in reach with all sorts of distractive things. Putting your phone on airplane mode can help. A messy place can also distract. Organized work spaces give clarity and are easier to work in.
  6. Take short breaks
    While working hard it is important to give yourself a break in between. Taking one long break however, can make it hard to get back at it after. Give yourself a 5 minute break after each hour to relax a little and find focus again.
  7. Peek moment
    When do you have most energy? Plan around those moments! For example I like to do my workouts in the morning because then I still have full energy and I feel energized the rest of the day. But maybe your peek moment is later on, so a workout or important tasks can be done best in the afternoon.
  8. Daily routine
    A daily routine can help to stay dedicated. I have my routines in the morning as well as the evening.  Give yourself a limited time in the morning to get ready for the day. At the end of the day when my mind is filled with many thoughts, I like to write in a journal. Doing this before going to bed, gets those thoughts out of my head and having a good night sleep!
  9. Sleep rhythm
    On free days sleeping in till noon seems great to finally get some rest after a hard week of work. Sleeping a little longer can help, but try to not overdo it. What helps me get most out of my weekend is to set my alarm clock on a descent time to prevent oversleeping, but feel rested enough. Plus it’s waaay easier to get up early on those dreadful Monday mornings 😉
  10. Focus
    Last but not least: focus on what’s most important for you and getting you closer to your personal goals! Realize what you’re doing it for and keep challenging yourself.

There you have it, my 10 easy to implement tips to get more productive and get most out of your day! Sure I have my days too where I’m not as productive as I want to be. Though as long as I feel being productive most of the days I’m fine with that. All we need is a good balance between work and relaxation. Do you have other tips to get more done in a day? Please share with me!

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