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My daily routines to enlarge my health and happiness

When you have to describe me, I think you can say I’m super organized. I’m not the one who’s over-in-control over everything,  yet I always try to be productive and have control over my own feelings. And at this time in my life I can say that I’ve developed certain skills to enlarge my health and happiness on a daily basis.

Ever since I started working on improving my health I’ve tried to efficiently fulfill all my daily tasks, so that I can get most out of my days. Combining a fulltime job with working out, eating healthy, having a social life and writing a blog as well wasn’t always easy. But in the past years I learned to create daily routines to help me get the most productive days. I’m actually getting more things done in a day plus I feel more relaxed doing so.

To not lose myself in all that happens in life and on social media, I’ve managed to create specific routines for overall happier and more mindful vibes. In my own journey I’ve learned so much and it lead me to get where I am now, and I’m super positive that you can reach this GELUKSFACTOR10 as well!

Here are 10 general rules for an effective day to day life to create more health and happiness:

  1. Wake up early, starting the day with a 5 minute meditation session
  2. Making yourself a healthy breakfast for an energetic start
  3. Get outside for a 15 minute walk or bike ride at least once a day
  4. Be aware of your emotions and react to it on time
  5. Allow yourself me-time for at least 30 minutes each day
  6. Feed your body rather than filling it
  7. End the day with some journaling to clear your mind
  8. Go to bed on time for a good night sleep and recovery
  9. Learn from your actions and keep optimistic
  10. Implement positive thinking and appreciate the little things in life

With this as a strong base I have my daily routines to stay dedicated to this way of living. Now let’s take a look into my agenda..
Here’s what a day of mine can look like:

  • Wake up and get workout ready 7.30h
  • Pre-workout snack + laptop work 8h
  • Workout time 9h
  • Shower ritual and post-workout breakfast 10h
  • Work (hopefully with the Foodie-ness team :-p) 10.30h
  • Healthy lunch break to regain energy 13.30h
  • Snacky time 16h
  • Fresh cooked dinner 19h
  • Phone on airplane mode and quality time with my love 21h
  • Pre-bed ritual with journaling and meditation 21h
  • Zzzz sleepy time 23.00h

As you can see it’s important for me to take time getting Zen. This helps me to be more productive rather than rushing through my days. I’m convinced that spending your time wise has so much value. Not only in terms of efficiency, but also in how you feel. I choose to always see things on the bright sight. We can create our own happiness as long as we believe in it and are willing to work for it. Find your own daily routines that work for you and contribute to your productivity, health and happiness!

With love,

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