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4 ways to beat your winter dip effectively

Are you also as done with winter at this time as me? Don’t get me wrong: winter does have its charm with the holidays and snow! Though as about now, where its mostly just cold and raining, most of us can’t wait to get out of these darker days and into spring… It can really affect our mood and energy level, but there are a few simple and effective ways to beat this winter dip!

#1 Choose happy food
When our energy is low and we feel moody, we tend to crave for comfort food. Sugar rushes will lift up your spirit for a short moment, followed by an even larger dip after. To overcome your winter dip, it’s best to focus on food that makes your body and mind happier for longer times. We want to feed rather than just fill, meaning more happy hormones and a strong base. Go for more protein, complex carbs, omega 3 fatty acids, fresh and homemade food. I like to call it the happy diet, because healthy food and happy feelings go hand in hand!

“I’m on a happy diet!”

#2 Get an active routine
This time of year we feel less energetic than other seasons. We don’t really feel like doing anything and like to stay in bed as long as possible. That sounds very tempting, but it won’t help you to increase your energy! Find yourself a routine with more activity, because eventually this gives more energy than it costs. Get up early and start your day with doing efficient tasks. Make sure to keep exercising regularly to stay in that energy flow. It doesn’t need to be super intense or have to be at a gym – as long as you are working your body!

#3 Go outside more
Yes I know, you probably just want to stay comfy inside, waiting till spring arrives. However that is not going to help you feel much better. We are in need of more light in our days! Our biological clock runs on the sunrise and sunset, though in winter the days are short. This lack of sunshine can actually affect the brain and body negatively. Going outside more helps to catch more of the lovely winter sunshine. Make sure to get out the house or office frequently during the day, even if it’s just for a short moment.

#4 Add supplements
In addition to the three ways above, I recommend to use food supplements to give you that little extra boost. Add some vitamin D for starters, because low vitamin D statuses give more chance of having a winter dip. Another common deficiency which can lower your energy level is iron. I like to use the Active Iron supplement for this, because these are mild for the body. Its ground breaking protein formula delivers x2 better aborption than other iron tablets whilst its non constipating formula reduces gut irritation from iron. Active Iron for Women contains an additional multi vitamin. This slow release multivitamin has been designed to work alongside Active Iron to ensure maximum absorption of all vitamins and minerals. This high dose multivitamin is specially formulated for women to support them throughout their cycle.Food is always your base but sometimes we can use a little extra, especially in winter for some more support!

“Energy speaks louder than words”

If you are done with low energy, moody days and feeling down, then these 4 tips are your way to beat that winter dip and go happy into spring. We only have a few more weeks until spring starts, so make the best of these last winter moments!

With love,

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