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SOS summer fit: get bikini body ready ASAP

I can’t get over the fact how time flies by so quick that it’s already Summer season again! This Thursday is the official first day of Summer and I love it! But… that means we want to feel happy bikini body ready again as well. Do you want to find out how to get SOS summer fit asap pls?

Summer is great and all, but it’s also a time where we may start stressing out over having to get in a bikini again. At least, I know that feeling because I always have a little bikini anxiety at the first beach day… However it doesn’t have to be a big struggle and with a few adjustments you can feel happy bikini body ready asap too!

1. Plan ahead: Make yourself a goal where you want to be in 4 weeks and in 8 weeks. It’s good to have in clear sight of what you actually want to achieve to adjust to that. Keep it realistic, because it’s just a few weeks, but that’s all we need to become a bit more fit

2. Fresh food: Homemade and light food will be your way to go for the next couple of weeks. Go for lots of fresh fruits and salads; it fits the warm weather perfectly! With the proper nutrition you can feel great and lose some of those unwanted kilos at the same time 🙂

“Two steps to get a bikini body: 1. put your body in a bikini and 2. wear a smile!”

3. Hydrate: Sometimes when we feel hungry, we’re not – we are actually thirsty. And with high temperatures that can occur now, we can have that feeling more often. Drinking enough helps to function better and feel fuller. Try to limit those yummy cocktails though, as those can get quite high in calories.

4. Work-out: Of course exercising has to be part of your plan as well. Don’t overdo with cardio gym sessions though. It’s going to be way too warm for that plus it probably won’t give you the results you think it does. Rather spend some time doing strength training, or combine the two with an effective outdoor HIIT work-out!

5. Outdoor activity: Now the weather is so nice, we should enjoy it while we can! And I don’t just mean laying around in the backyard hammock, but also getting active outdoors. Think bike rides, beach volleyball or nice evening walks on the beach. Doing anything that involves some activity each day (yep, every single day), will get you closer to that beach body!

6. Don’t stress: Yes we only have a short time to get in shape, but stressing over it really won’t help. Negative feelings can only work against you. Having fun while working on your new body shape gives you a much more fun summer!

Hopefully these tips will guide you through Summer season feeling great, happy and confident about yourself! Because remember girlies, it’s not all about how we look, but mostly about how we feel. We don’t need to be Instagram picture perfect to feel good and enjoy ourselves. A happy bikini body starts from within. Just find a good balance in body and mind!

With love,

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