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5 tips to reach a happy hormonal balance and overall health

Let’s talk about something we’re dealing with each day: hormones. We all experience hormonal effects daily, some more than others. And even when we don’t realize it, they are still there working hard for you! Hormones should be appreciated and your friend, because a happy hormonal balance can give you so much joy. Want to find out how to reach that happy hormonal balance and upgrade your overall health?

“Hormones are very powerful things”

Hormonal issues can be a real struggle, though we don’t have to suffer when we learn how to treat our hormones the right way! Hormones are the chemical messengers in the body that are driven by the endocrine system. These have to make sure that the body and mind are in balance. Due to the daily stressors, this balance can get disturbed, causing all sorts of discomforts. Some examples of hormone related health issues are:

  • weight gain
  • mood swings
  • digestive problems
  • tiredness
  • anxiety
  • PMS
  • bad skin
  • insomnia
  • and many more…

However, we can influence this more than we think! Our lifestyle and environment are important factors that we should consider to play the cards right. Here are some tricks for reducing those unwanted discomforts:

1. Stress
Number one thing that contributes to hormonal imbalance is stress. Stress can occur in all sorts of ways. Too much of the stress hormone cortisol has many unwanted effects. Practicing mindfulness has helped me so much for reducing my stress. It doesn’t have to cost lots of time or effort, just that daily moments of finding focus on body and mind again. Plus my Sunday yoga sessions always get me a very welcome relax mode 🙂

2. Food
I can’t tell you enough that we should be feeding our body, rather than just filling it. Healthy food is important to nourish hormones the right way. Choose your food wisely like:

  • Less (empty) carbs like sugar, white rice and bread to reduce the load of the “sugar hormone” insulin
  • More healthy fats like walnuts, coconut oil and avocado to control hunger and reduce inflammation in the body
  • Enough (plant based) protein to let the body grow and to work as building blocks for many hormones
  • Drink green tea rather than coffee, juice or soda as an antioxidant to enjoy without giving your body a hard time
  • More fiber and fermented food to improve the gut health and digestion for a solid base!

“To control your hormones is to control your life”

3. Exercise
Regular exercise can’t be forgotten either! Being active has lots of benefits for the body, and for a good hormonal balance we need that physical activity in multiple ways. Try to find a good mix of cardio, strength training and daily movement.

4. Supplements
Medicine can be helpful for many several health issues, however they can also mess up our hormonal activity quite a bit. One of the most used medicine for hormonal issues is the birth control pill to fix those typical “women problems”. Though we don’t realize that this can actually enlarge these issues… Try to replace medicine with natural substitutions where that is possible, and find supplements to support your body with! Think of omega 3, vitamin D, magnesium and probiotics. Let a professional inform you about what could fit best in your situation.

5. Sleep
Last but not least I want to highlight the importance of a good night’s sleep for hormonal balance. We really need those recommended hours of sleep each night to give our bodies the time to recover. At night our hormones work hard for you to get relaxed and regrow again. Lack of sleep is a major troublemaker – I know that way too well… So make sure to improve your sleep cycle by going to bed and waking up on set times, plus implement an evening ritual to prevent lying awake.

So know you know that hormones can affect our body and mind, though it doesn’t have to be negative. It’s important to realize that you can influence this with your lifestyle. Be good to your hormones and they will be good to you 🙂

With love,

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  • Sophie Williams

    I appreciate the suggestions provided in this article regarding the hormonal optimization and factors which should be taken into consideration to live a healthy and happy life. A lot of factors determine the secretion of different types of hormones. Such factors include diet, lifestyle, environmental condition and so on. Hormonal imbalance could affect the health of a person in a very adverse way. So, a person should take suitable initiatives to stabilize the secretion of different types of hormones and to live a healthy life.

  • Abby Patel

    The hormonal imbalance might trigger several other types of health-related disorders.
    Poor quality diet and sedentary lifestyle are solely responsible for hormonal imbalance. Besides, such activities also destabilize blood pressure levels in the body.
    Change in lifestyle and making a diet chart according to the nutritional requirement of the body is necessary to live a healthy life.

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