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Must-read: my top 5 fat burning foods

Do you ever feel like there is nothing happening with your body, though you do stick to your diet? Diet is a huge part of the fat-burning process so today I want to talk about fat burning foods that work for you instead of against you – and your waistline! Sometimes your diet needs a little extra push and that is where I come in! Want to know which ones I am talking about? 

The following foods build muscles, promote the fat-burning proces or simply just use energy to digest them! Though there’s probably a longer list available, I just want to highlight the fat burning foods that I found to be working for me.

So how does it work? Eating this top 5 fat-burning foods (consumed as part of a clean diet!) can really spike the metabolism, push hormones that release fat and eliminate toxins to disable your body to shed unwelcome pounds. So I have to make a little note: don’t expect miracles when you’re in a junk-filled day.

1. Oatmeal
These little flakes provides you with fiber, complex carbohydrates and essential vitamins and minerals. Make yourself a bowl in the morning, add some toppings like nuts, fruits and cinnamon and you’ve got a waistline-friendly breakfast in under 5 minutes. You can also add oats to smoothies for extra energy and to keep hunger under control.

2. Citrus fruits
Oranges, limes, lemons, grapefruits, kiwi fruits and tangerines are some of the best picks. The high acidity in these fruits slows down the digestion of whatever you eat them with, keeping you fuller for longer. Every morning I drink a glass of lukewarm lemon water. Click here to read 6 times “why” I do this!

3. Avocado
This little green fatty will help you feel more satisfied and even help spot-reduce belly fat. You can eat it raw or add it to your salad. It also makes a great substitute for cheese and butter – you can add this to a slice of bread or a (rice) cracker before adding lean meat, tinned fish and cucumber slices for a quick and easy snack. Or, try it with the next product in line…

4. Eggs
There is no better way to kickstart your day than with eggs. Thanks to their high-quality protein, eggs help you stay full throughout the whole morning.

5. Cottage cheese
Last but definitely not least! I am so in love with cottage cheese, I eat this with almost everything ha ha! For example, have you tried my eggplant tomato, broccoli or garlic zucchini soup? If you aren’t really a soup person kind of person, just add the cheese to your salad, sandwich, smoothie or wrap party. Because you don’t want to miss out on all the high quality and calcium which this product has to offer!

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