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Say YES to creamy garlic zucchini soup

Attention to all you soup lovers out there! Today I’m sharing the easiest recipe for my favorite garlic zucchini soup. With only 6 ingredients and 30 minutes of your time, you can treat yourself on a healthy, creamy and extremely delicious soup. 

Lunch? Snack? Dinner? This garlic zucchini soup is always a good idea! I’m a big fan of recipes that are easy to make, clean and offer many health benefits. This zucchini soup recipe does not contain any nasties, I only used fresh and low fat ingredients. So if you are working on your summer body, this garlic zucchini soup will fit perfectly in your bikini diet. Oh and btw! Make sure you make enough so you can keep some zucchini soup in the fridge and enjoy a bowl of soup the next days!


– 2 zucchini’s
– 100 gr. finely chopped onions
– 2 tbspn olive oil
– 750 ml water
– garlic powder
– 1 bouillon cube
Optional: cottage cheese topping


  • Energy: 169 kcal
  • Protein: 8 g
  • Carbs: 33,1 g
  • Fat: 1,7 g
  • Fiber: 5,7 g


1. Put the olive oil in a saucepan and heat it. Add the finely chopped onions and cook it while you add some garlic powder to taste. Stir and cook for 4 minutes until aromatic.
2. Peel off the zucchini and cut it in small pieces.
3. Transfer the onion garlic mixture in a food processor and add the zucchini pieces and 750 ml water as well. Mix until smooth.
4. Place the soup mixture to the pan and add the bouillon cube.
5. Now put on the heat high in order to bring the soup to boil. Cook for +/- 15 min.
6. Add pepper to taste and stir the soup occasionally.
7. Ready! Serve the soup and for the finishing touch you can add some cottage cheese!

Don’t forget to make a picture of your @foodie_ness recipes and tag me on Instagram or Facebook, I love to see your garlic zucchini soup girls!

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