07-10-20 | Food | dinner |

Weekend winner: crispy sweet potato croquettes

I think the weekend always asks for something special when it comes to food. Friday is in most Dutch homes French fries-day, but that is not the most healthy choice. However, we can make similar food that is just as tasty ànd works for your fitgirl body! So I decided to do Read More…

20-09-20 | Food | dinner |

Healthy comfort food: a vegan Mexican burrito bowl

The days are getting colder again here in Europe. And with all the snow I’ve seen lately I’m in full winter vibe! Somehow this always comes with a little overeating and the desire to do absolutely nothing… Though I don’t want to let this get the best of me and I try to make mostly healthy choices. This recipe Read More…

10-09-20 | Food | dinner |

Fav combo: sweet potato toast with avocado and egg

What’s Easter without loads of good food to enjoy with family and friends? Even though we ate a lot this year, I made sure to also have a bit healthier alternatives on the table. And the winner had to be shared on the blog Read More…

10-08-20 | Food | breakfast |


I used to eat tosti’s a lot when I was a child. Especially when I lived in France, we used to make the croque monsieur or madame all the time. But there are a lot of other lunch options to vary with, think of a Greek salad, a hummus sandwich or some grilled vegetables. And what happens when  Read More…

04-08-20 | Food | breakfast |


During the time I was eating vegan, I really missed eating eggs. Because I really LOVE eggs and it’s so easy to combine with several ingredients and to use for many recipes. I love to eat eggs for breakfast, for lunch, for baking sesh and I know I’m not the only one. This recipe is as Read More…

11-07-20 | Food | breakfast |


I love hummus, don’t get me wrong. But a little bit of variation can’t kill 😉 Because of that I wanted to try out something different and I found a spread healthy, fresh and low in calories. With only a few ingredients you can whip up this delicious green pea spread Read More…

12-02-20 | Food | dinner |

Eat a wrap: non-guilt, delicious and vegetarian!

O-M-G, girls this wrap is worth wrapping! I finally found a way to eat a non-guilt, delicious and vegetarian wrap. This recipe is low in calories but pretty high in fibers!  It’s easy, fast and extremely delicious.  Read More…

28-01-20 | Food | dinner |

Impress at the Christmas dinner with a mushroom galette

Are you as excited as me that it’s almost Christmas?! I can’t really believe that it’s the time of year already and I feel there’s almost no time to actually prepare well for it.. You probably should be making up festive dinner plans by now for your friends and family and because it always Read More…

01-11-19 | breakfast |

How to make healthy homemade granola

Let’s make our own healthy homemade granola, girls! Making your own bowl of granola is super easy and fun, but moreover allows you to control the amount of sugar, fat and quality. I made a delicious big batch of healthy granola with coconut and almonds, and today I’m sharing the recipe!Most of the granola stuff in stores is high in sugar and contains unhealthy oils, fats and unnecessary ingredients. Today’s granola recipe is clean, “diet-proof” and full of all the vitamins, minerals, fiber, protein and (good) fat that your body needs. I think it’s a big PLUS that you can add in the flavors that you love the most, so you can really make this the best treat. I prefer to add granola to my breakfast, however you can also eat it on the go or just as a snack between meals.My last advice is to be creative sweeties, and try out new healthy (raw & organic)  ingredients every time you make yourself some yummy healthy homemade granola. Perhaps with chocolate? Nom, nom, nom..Prep time: 10 min
Cooking time: 15-20 min

15-05-19 | Food | breakfast |

My favorite peanut butter smoothie bowl with rawnola

I have to say that breakfast is my most favorite meal in a day. I’ve got a real big sweet tooth and breakfast is perfect to fulfill this with! By adding all sorts of fruits you can create the best healthy sweet meals. This peanut butter smoothie bowl with rawnola will definitely fulfill your cravings and giving you the best start of the day! Are you getting as excited as me already? Read More…