Mindset is everything

14-11-16 | MIND | happiness |

This is how I achieved my weight-loss goals! (5 tips)

Making permanent changes to your lifestyle, diet and exercise routine can be very challenging and I know it is easier said than done. However, there are ways to beat the reoccuring excuses. There are ways to transfer fear into action. And there are ways to stop saying “I wish” and start saying “I will”. Today I wanna share 5 tips that helped me to lose 15kg! Read More…

Trust your instincts

08-11-16 | MIND | happiness |

The real truth behind living healthy? My opinion!

I’m sure you have noticed the discussions on the news and social media lately, about how to live a healthy life. Health is hot and happening right now and everyone wants to share their opinion about this topic. But with all this commotion it gets quite hard to figure out who is right and what the actual truth is. Of course I can’t resist telling you how I feel about all of this! Read More…

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Feeling stressed and anxious? This is how to beat it now!

Stress is everywhere. Heavy workload at work, a houshold you need to run day after day, the free time you are looking for to complete at least one workout, your friends and family you want to give your full attention, the phone that keeps ringing and the hairdresser you want to visit on time. Recognizable? This is my secret for stressmanagement. Read More…

04-10-16 | MIND |

Feeling tired? 3 tips to get your energy boosted!

By now everybody probably is back from their vacay’s, back to school or work and the weather is slowly turning… Yes, summer is officially over. And with all that you might be experiencing a little post-summer blues (just like me!), which can result in feeling less energized. But there are ways to get over this tired feeling and get your energy boosted again, and Read More…

10-08-16 | |

Eat out and stay healthy: 9 tips!

This is a blog post live from my accommodation on the beautiful island Ibiza and today I wanna talk about the dining out do’s and don’ts! My days here are filled with food, food and more food. Though I try to stay in balance and don’t over-cheat-it, going out to have dinner is one of the things I simply looooove to do.. but can be a challenge too. Today I want to share my TOP 9 tips to  Read More…

Mindset is everything

The sexiest curve on your body is your smile

08-07-16 | |

My vacay food: how to stay slim while on vacation

Summer vacays = an overload of happy food!! For me vacation usually equals eating unhealthy and letting go a bit too much. And that will leave you end up happy about the foods on your plate, but not so happy about the results on your body. Are you looking forward to a holiday break from your everyday flow, but worried about how to stay slim while on vacation? Then I’ve got Read More…