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How to combine alcohol with your bikini body goals?

Is it possible to stay slim and still enjoy an alcoholic drink on a party? YES! Today I talk about how you can survive social situations without gaining weight. It’s a fact that alcohol slows down muscle growth, but with the next secret tips & tricks you can consume an alcoholic drink and minimize the effects on your bikini body and social life.

You can imagine those moments when you’re in a bar with friends, on a birthday or at a festival. It seems like everyone is drinking and more then once you get offered a drink. You keep declining cause you have a clear goal in mind: get fit and in summer shape!
It’s obvious you should rather skip all the alcoholic drinks when you’re in a fat loss phase. After all, your favorite wine or beer contains loads of (empty) calories. BUT! Despite the calories, drinking doesn’t necesserily have to limit your progress when you know how to do it right!

Alcohol and dietary fat
Whenever you consume alcohol, your body will break it down to acatate. This acetate is a toxic and inhibits the process in which your body breaks down fatty acids. As a results, all the fatty acids in your blood are stored as bodyfat. This is by far the biggest disadvantage of drinking and teaches you where the term ‘beerbelly’ comes from.

When you want to minimize the storage of bodyfat it is advisable not to consume any fats before, during and directly after drinking. Eating enough protein on the other hand is not a problem at all AND moreover will help you to limit the protein breakdown in muscle tissue. It’s smart to have a protein rich snack waiting for you at home when you come back from partying (so skip the midnight snack :-p).

Which drink is the best choice for a fit girl?
When we take a look at the amount of calories an alcoholic drink contains, we discover it’s easy to consume a few hundreds to a thousand calories. To give you an idea here are a few examples:

Beer (250 ml): 110 kcal
White win (dry, 150 ml): 100 kcal
Red wine (150 ml): 123 kcal
Cocktail (sex on the beach): 274-326 kcal
Vodka(35 ml): 82 kcal

As you can see not every drink is as rich in calories as the other. This is not just obtained by the amount of alcohol in it (1 gram of pure alcohol contains 7 kcal) but also by the ingredients that it’s made of. The average cocktail has a huge load of calories beacause of all the soda and or sweeteners that are used. Vodka is a drink that counts way less calories and is the better choice when you want to limit the energy you’re consuming.

What to do for best results?
When you want to become bikini ready it’s absolutely not necessary to eliminate all alcohol consumption and skip all the parties. Just limit the frequency of drinking and make sure that when you hit the booze you choose the less-calorie-dense-drinks, like Vodka. AND: To minimize fat storage don’t eat any dietary fat 6 hours before and after drinking alcohol!

There you go sweeties, now you know everything a healthy & social fit girl needs to know! Drink (and eat) with moderation!

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