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How I stay healthy over Christmas holidays: 7 tips

Oh boy.. staying healthy and slim can be especially difficult during the period of time surrounding Christmas. I’m a big fan of the Christmas holidays and the treats that come along with it. In order to avoid the Christmas blowout and put on unwanted weight, I’ll share my best tips & tricks to ensure we can all enjoy the decadence of Christmas without adding to our waistline.

The best preparation for good work tomorrow, is to do good work today! Therefore I created a list for you to have a game plan and  survive the Christmas pitfalls. And YES, I’ll use it tooooo haha 🙂

Your healthy Christmas to-do-list:
1. Eat slowly and don’t go to parties hungry
Whenever you’re hungry already before Christmas dinner starts, try to eat some veggies before you go in order to avoid you’ll end up over-indulging. Remember to eat your Christmas meals slowly, this way you’ll prevent yourself from unnecessary over-eating.

2. Indulge in only the most special holiday treats
Let’s be honest: there’s no end of indulgences during the Christmas period. To avoid indulging in everything, choose your best cheat! Pick what you enjoy most and give the rest a break.

3. Breakfast first
You’ve probably heard it before: the surest way to avoid an over-indulge or sugary snacks is to get a good breakfast meal first thing in the morning. Choose a nutritionally rich and balanced meal for your best start of the day. Click here to read how to best jumpstart your body with breakfast!

4. Stay hydrated
It’s easy to mistake thirst for hunger. To avoid you’re picking a cookie or a piece of bread over a glass of water you should try to stay hydrated constantly. Make it easy and bring a bottle with you wherever you go. Do you think water is boring? Click here to read how you can pimp your water calorie-free and sugar-free!

5. Don’t skip (nutrition-rich) meals
It’s a common feeling; you over-indulged on all the calorie-filled snacking and treats, so you’ll skip the next 2 meals. Many people normally eat 6 meals a day, but suddenly just eat 2-3 times. I recognize this feeling, but it’s a recipe for disaster! Your body is in an urgent need of more nutritious meals than just sugar crashes. Fill up properly on treats and make sure you’re eating fruit, veggies and protein throughout the day.

6. Say “no” to sauces and gravy
You might not be able to be in control of what’s being served on your plate (and that’s ok!), but you can be your own boss of the gravy and sauces. Eat your meet, fish or potatoes sauce-free or just spoon a small amount.

7. Stay active
I can imagine you don’t have the time to hit the gym 5 times a week, but try to go for a little walk after your Christmas meal. Take your bike to do grocery shopping and do some stairs “running”. Maybe you can help your friends and family with their grocery shopping? Haha just kidding :-p

Last but least I want you to enjoy your Christmas holidays to the fullest and all the delicious meals and treats that will be part of this. It’s all about balance! One more question: would you like me to prepare a blog post on how to recover asap from your Christmas cheating? Let me know sweeties!

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  • Zonderzooi

    Great advice, thank you! I’ll keep that in my mind the next days. We’re going away with the family and I’m not in control of the meals we’re going to have, but I’ll try to keep it healthy this year! Enjoy your Christmas. X

    • Carolina van Dorenmalen Post author

      Hi there!

      That sounds great, it’s all about balance 🙂 Don’t go crazy, but make sure you enjoy your holidays!
      We’ll recover, I promise you that!

      Wish you great days!

      With love,

  • jantien

    A blog post on how to recover asap from your Christmas cheating sounds like a perfect start for the new year after Christmas! Let’s enjoy the holidays and after that, let’s enjoy being fit and healthy even more.

    • Carolina van Dorenmalen Post author

      Hi there sweet Jantien!

      I agree, let’s enjoy first and I’ll make sure there’s a post-Christmas guide online :p

      Wish you great holidays!

      With love,

    • Keesha

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