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September happiness: how to maintain positive summer feelings

September is here and that means that summer is practically almost over… However, that is no reason to shine less! The past weeks with loads of sunshine have been giving us energy and positive, happy feelings which we should hold on to. Want to know how to keep up the positive summer feelings?

“September: can we restart summer pls?”

Summer equals warmth, relaxation, vacation and lots of fun. That new gained energy summer has been giving us is something to cherish. Here are a few reasons why this season does so well for us and how to maintain that positivity.

The days have been longer and brighter and that works therapeutic. Sunlight on your body produces vitamin D and the happy hormone serotonin. These are important for many body functions, but also essential for happy feelings and increased energy. Each day a few sunny minutes are a must, so don’t forget to get out and let the sun shine on you!

Outside activity
This season we love to spend our time outdoors, so why not keep it that way? Get outside for your daily activity or exercising. From walks on the beach to HIIT at the park; just get out there and enjoy the fresh air. Outdoor exercising is a real endorphin booster, which is a great stress reducer. Being out in nature, even when it’s not as warm, feels so much better!

Fresh food
In summer we tend to eat healthier, with lighter meals and more fresh fruit and veggies to choose from. This has great effects on both body and mind. If we eat good, we feel good! So try to stay in that flow of fresh healthy food, and offer our bodies what they deserve. This way we create the best conditions for keeping that positive summer feelings around.

Sleep routine
Though some nights may have been a bit too warm to sleep well, overall we have a better sleeping routine in summer. We go to bed feeling tired but satisfied, waking up early with new gained energy! Keep your sleep consistent and stay in that flow of getting up on time. It will actually have you feel rested when you don’t stay in bed too long.

Less stress
We are happier in summer, feeling relaxed and as if nothing matters. That carefree, spontaneous feeling is a stress releaser we need to keep. On a darker day, just put on some summer music vibes and imagine yourself on the beach. Think of the happy summer moments you’ve had and slow down your pace. You will be relaxed and full of positive summer feelings in no time 🙂

That was my happy talk for September my sunshines! Though summer season may slowly fade, the effects are here to stay with just a few small actions. Hold on to the positive summer feelings and get through the next seasons feeling at best 🙂

With love,

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