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Low-calorie treat: red protein fluff

You may have already heard people talk about it or seen summery pics of it passing by on Instagram: protein fluff! It doesn’t only sound cute, but it’s super yummy and an easy way to enjoy a cold low-calorie snack while adding a great stack of protein to your body. So I decided to create my own version with red fruits!

The main ingredient of this recipe is fruit. I’m a big fan of red fruit, but this can be kind of expensive, especially when you buy it out of the season. Therefore I make sure to always have a stash of red fruit in my freezer! You can buy these frozen fruit boxes at any store and it’s really convenient because you can always have some when you’re feeling like it. They take little time to defrost, taste fresh and can be easily used in recipes like this protein fluff.

What I like the most about this red protein fluff? It’s low in calorie, low in carbs and high in protein! Sounds like the perfect combo for us healthy freaks right 😉

This is how to get a cold fluffy refreshment: (which is also a very good post-workout snack option!)

Enjoy girls!

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– 150 g frozen red fruit (or any kind of fruit you like!)
– 120 ml milk by choice (almond, coconut, soy, low fat milk)
– 1 scoop Whey protein powder (I used vanilla flavor)
– 300 g ice cubes
Optional: add shredded coconut, mulberries, fruit, cacao nibs, etc. as toppings


  • Energy: 362 kcal
  • Protein: 27,4 g
  • Carbs: 59 g
  • Fat: 5,4 g
  • Fiber: 17,5 g


1. Use a powerful blender or food processor which can crush ice. Put in the ice cubes and the frozen fruit. Blend well till everything is crushed into tiny pieces.
2. Now you can add the whey protein and milk. Blend briefly till the mixture is creamy and has an icy structure.
Note: don’t add too much milk and don’t blend too long or your mixture will get too thin!
3. Serve the protein fluff in a nice bowl or big glass and add toppings as much as you like. Serve and eat directly or you will end up with a milkshake 😉

TIP: For this recipe I used red fruit and vanilla whey, but don’t hesitate to experience with other fruits and different whey flavors! Instead of whey you can also use casein, which will give it a bit more solid structure.

P.S. What to do with your red fruit leftovers? Try this healthy recipe for homemade waffles – pimped with red fruits too!

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