29-01-21 | Food | dinner |

Always a good idea: vegan sweet potato curry

A curry is always a good idea for me. It’s on the table in a nutshell and it’s always an easy way to eat easy and healthy. The sweet potatoes in this vegan sweet potato curry contains a lot of fiber. This fibers keep your blood sugar level and weight up and they are also super beneficial for your intestines.

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29-01-21 | Food | snacks |

Easy and no-guilt: no- bake cookie dough balls

I already have about all shapes and sizes of Bliss Balls at the Foodie-ness blog. For this recipe, I was actually making healthy muesli cookies. However, while I was making the cookies, I thought: why bake this if the no-bake is super tasty too and I can also make no-bake cookie dough balls? Well, that’s exactly what it has become and I can say, this is so good!

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29-01-21 | Food | snacks |

5-ingredient diet-proof vegan and gluten-free snicker bars

This easy and healthy vegan and gluten-free snicker bars are so tasty that you will no longer be tempted to grab some ‘not so healthy ones’ at the supermarket. One of my favorite snacks from the past, but now guilt-free. These snicker bars are made with pure and healthy products, without refined sugars.

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29-01-21 | Food | snacks |

So bright snow white bliss balls

Oe la la, easy peasy healthy snow white Bliss Balls! I have always been a big fan of bliss balls. It’s a really easy, nutritious and satisfying snack, which you can bring everywhere whenever you are on the go. Kind of a healthy solution too, in case you have such a sweet tooth like I do 😉 On the Foodie-ness blog you can already find a lot of bliss balls with nuts,

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30-11-20 | Food | snacks |

Healthy cheesecake with pepernoten bottom

For us Dutchies probably one of the best things about the end of the year is that pepernoten are in stores again! As these yummy ones are already good on their own, it can get even better by using them in a cake recipe – a healthy cheesecake to be exact 🙂 Read More…

24-11-20 | Food | snacks |

Keep calm and bake apple raisin cupcakes

Healthy apple raisin cupcakes make us happy, right?! Together with my sweet girl, Dewi from Healthy Baking bakery, we threw ourselves a healthy cupcake party! Today we explain how you can simply bake these super healthy and tasty apple raisin cupcakes. So pack your bags we’re going on a non-guilt trip, whoop whoop! Read More…

24-11-20 | Food | breakfast |

Stack it up with healthy vegan chocolate chip pancakes

Pancakes in general are definitely one of my favs! I’m such a pancake addict that I eat pancakes weekly, but unfortunately there was a big fuss about the Dutch eggs last week (due to harmful pesticides), causing them to might not be good for your health. But I still wanted my pancakes, so I decided to go safe and make them egg-free. Read More…

19-11-20 | Food | snacks |


I love little filled chocolates! A chocolate from granny or an Easter egg, as long as it is filled, I’m a happy girl. Unfortunately this behavior of sweet cravings comes with high calories, lots of sugar and unhealthy habits. To satisfy a sweet tooth with a no-guilty and diet-friendly solution, you can easily combine 3 ingredients into a bite of heaven. Seriously, get Read More…

18-11-20 | Food | dinner |

Creamy cauliflower soup for a cosy winter day

One of the easiest ways to consume a bunch of veggies at once is with soup! It doesn’t take much effort to make and is easily adjusted to your own taste with less or more spices. And this creamy cauliflower soup will definitely boost your Read More…