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Always hungry? 6 tips to resolve your hunger cravings

Does #alwayshungry apply to you? Do you always feel like eating? Are you never really feeling full? You are not alone and this blog post is a must read! I know the feeling, but I’ve managed to get this (a little better) under control lately. Today I want to share what you can easily do to fight these insatiable feelings of being always hungry.

It’s no secret that I lOVE food, but somehow food has always been a negative struggle to me too. When I was dealing with weight gain, when I tried to lose the weight and now trying to maintain my weight.. Being a good food addict is a fulltime job.

Nowadays I use healthy food to create a solid base to get my vibe going! Currently I got a good controle over my food intake and don’t have to go through my fridge and kitchen cabinets all day. But there were times that I did and I felt like I had to eat all the time, was always “hungry”, never full and always craving bad foods – kind of frustrating. There are several reasons why we may experience this. It could be hormones or just a fast metabolism, but it could also be caused by certain eating habits. With only a few tips you can simply get from hangry to happy!

TIP 1: Choose satiating food
The main reason of why we sometimes seem to be a bottomless pit is that we’re eating the wrong kind of foods. For example: carbs are an important part of our diet, however there is a huge difference within them. Simple carbs (think sugary foods, bagels, white rice, etc.) won’t keep you full for long, because they are easily used up by the body. Go for carbs with lots of fiber (whole grain, veggies, fruit) and balance your meals with lean protein and healthy fats for a perfect satiating combo.

TIP 2: Have multiple meals
Though it can be fine to take in three main meals during the day, it’s not always the most convenient when it comes to satisfying your desire for food. By dividing the total food intake over multiple smaller meals, it’s easier to stay off unhealthy snacking in between. This can make it easier to fight that always hungry syndrome.

TIP 3: Drink more water
One thing we confuse for being hungry is thirst. While you think your stomach is growling for something solid, it actually just wants more liquid! Especially in this season we can easily get a little dehydrated. So don’t forget to take in enough water, because this is the base we are built on 🙂

TIP 4: Eat mindful
We tend to stuff down our food while doing all other kind of things and not fully experience what we’re having. This means we don’t give the stomach the time to signal the brain that it’s full. When this is the case, you keep on eating when in fact you’re filled already. Overeating causes the stomach to grow a little each time, causing more food hunkering. Eating mindful is the cure, plus it’s better for the digestion too.

TIP 5: Get active
Boredom is one of the causes to go fridge plundering. Being bored tends us to grab whatever food is around, which we can avoid by finding activities to do. But also just sitting down too long can cause a growling tummy, so schedule in multiple active moments each day. An active body mode minimalizes cravings and is waaay more healthy.

“Did you know sitting is seen as the new smoking?!”

TIP 6: Plan in advance
Meal prepping is great to get a good overview on what to eat in a day. Planning in advance creates some rest so you don’t have to think about it constantly and limits the impulsive snacking. Also try to only drool over super tasty foodie pics on Insta and Facebook for inspiration while preparing a meal. Otherwise the visuals can trick the body to think it needs food asap!

A feeling of being always hungry isn’t ideal. Know that a good appetite can fit a healthy body system, but we don’t want it to get the overhand or become some sort of an obsession. With these tips in mind I’m positive that you can create a healthy attitude towards food and enjoy those yummy moments to the fullest!

Do you have any other tips for me? Please share, share, share!

With love,

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