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Secret revealed: why NOT to diet during the holidays

Ho-ho-hoooo! It’s almost the most wonderful time of the year again: Christmas! This means we’re all in full holiday spirit and eating is a big part of this. In a way that may not fit your healthy lifestyle completely… Although it’s tempting to start or continue to (crash) diet these days, I want to tell you why I believe it’s better NOT to diet during the holidays at all.

I’m sure you have noticed all the extra food that is around, because this season goes hand in hand with eating – a lot!! And I love getting together with my family and friends, while everyone is making their best effort for delicious dishes which we will be eating together. However, all this extra food means you probably eat more and different than you would normally do.

That is why some start or continue dieting during the holidays and the internet is full of tips on how to keep this up. But I believe we actually should not and I’ve got some good reasons for that!

First of all it’s going to be super hard to keep a strict healthy diet up during these festive moments, which won’t do your mood any good. You’ll probably end up punishing yourself with failure and disappointment. But it’s eventually also better for your shape when you change your mindset. Being on a strict diet makes it hard to resist food, which can eventually lead up to over-eating, creating weight gain, and also increased stress and lower energy levels.

Giving yourself a break from your nutrition and exercise plan every once in a while helps you to stay motivated throughout the year and to keep it enjoyable to be achieving a fit and healthy lifestyle. And did you know that eating a little extra and different than normal, will even give your body a sort of wake-up call? Resulting in getting your metabolism up! And the holidays are perfect for doing just that. These days should revolve around fun, relaxation and no pressure whatsoever.

You shouldn’t want to be fearing a few extra calories and be obsessed on how you will look when the festivities are over. Because one short period of indulging won’t ruin a fit year of hard work. And if you did gain some weight, it’s not the end of the world. Simply get back on track with your normal eating and exercising habits and I’m sure you will get back in your regular shape in no time – really! That’s how it works!

Are you just getting started with living healthier? Wait for the new year to step up your fit game again. Maybe my “Seven Smiling Days e-book” can help with that (click here to download it for free now!). Use the new year’s resolutions to decide for yourself what you find most important and want to achieve during the next year.

What I want you to know..
So although we don’t want to throw our good habits completely out the window, we can be a little less strict on ourselves. Know that you can still pursue a healthy lifestyle and be in control of your body while NOT to diet during the holidays. It’s all about balance. Just make sure to drink a lot of water, eat lots of veggies too and get enough sleep as well. Try to stay active by either exercising or doing other fun things that keep you moving. Click here to read my 7 tips on how I stay healthy over Christmas.

Having fun and eating doesn’t mean we suddenly become unhealthy. Make this the best time of the year, rather than stressing over your body. Let loose and enjoy the times spent with your loved ones, while eating all sorts of lovely food, because you can!

With love,

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