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4 secret tricks to easily upgrade your veggie intake

One thing I’ve been getting lots of questions about is how to upgrade the amount of vegetables in your daily diet. We know that eating them is important, but it doesn’t always seem to be as easy to really eat enough of it. But I seem to have mastered my veggie intake quite well and I’m sure you can do that too, with my 4 secret tricks to easily upgrade your veggie intake.

Get ready, cause it’s veggie-o-clock!

Vegetables are a super important part of our lives, because without them we wouldn’t be able to stay healthy. The colorful nature’s goodies are packed with essential nutrients to help make us function properly. There are multiple options to happily consume a big daily dose of healthy veggies. Just be creative with it and you will find it’s much easier than you think.

Are you ready to veggie up your live?

Option #1
Let’s start with a simple trick to start from, if you want to reach the minimum amount of 200 grams in one dish. Take your plate, fill it for 50 percent with veggies by choice and take the other half to fill with protein, healthy fats and a complex carb source. This also helps to control your dinner calorie intake; another health trick 😉

Option #2
Most people think vegetables are something to only have for dinner, but it doesn’t have to be like that! They can be spread throughout your day, no matter where you are. Cherry tomatoes, cucumber, and little carrots do great as snacks to bring with you on the go. Just put them in a lunch box and they stay fresh all day. Or put a colorful salad in a salad jar and leave in the fridge at work until lunchtime. You can even add veggies to your breakfast, for example in this smoothie or this oatmeal.

Option #3
A great way to easily upgrade your veggie intake in your diet without it getting boring, is to go for variation. Throwing in the same few greens each week in the shopping cart might be easy and feel safe, but there is so much more to explore! Varying often will give the most complete package of those much needed nutrients. There are lots and lots of yummy options in the super markets, or try your local fresh market to find out even more! This does best to keep eating large quantities of plants exciting.

Option #4
How you prepare your dish can really make or break it. Greenery can be made super tasty if you know what you’re doing. The regular way of cooking can be quite boring, so don’t be scared to try out other ways. For example grilling or stir frying give a total different effect to it, or experiment with different ingredients in a veggie-packed soup. Don’t forget herbs and spices, because they play a huge role as well! Use the weekend to think about what you want to make the upcoming week, how to do so, and what you need for it. A good preparation is all part of the taste experience later!

If you’re nothing like a herbivore and really struggle to achieve eating the necessary amounts, then just try out these tips one by one. Little steps always make things seem much more achievable. Get yourself a good cook book, or just check out my Foodie-ness recipes on the blog for inspiration!

Please let me know if you feel inspired by tips like these and if you want me to share more of them??

With love,

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