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Summer feelings with a watermelon-vanilla slushy

Slush puppiessss! I loved these a kid and just recently I have discovered a way to treat myself on a healthy alternative and re-live the cherished memories from my childhood. Pretty sure you will want to make yourself a Watermelon-vanilla slushy this summer girls.. with a 3-ingredient only recipe!

Watermelon is my favorite low-carb fruit and the taste of it always gives me these summer feelings! On a warm sunny day this juicy fruit is ideal to keep you hydrated. It is sweet, but contains a lot of water (about 90% and therefore contains less sugar than most other fruit) and is still full of vitamins and minerals, which means it’s super healthy! So on itself it is already great, but we can make it even better, by making a watermelon-vanilla slushy out of it!

Of course not the kind of slushy you’d buy out on the streets full of artificial sugars and other additives, but a healthy and protein-packed version that fits your diet and is also easy to make – big yay for a fitgirl lifestyle! Here’s what you need to do to:


– ¼ watermelon
– 2 tbsp water
– ½ scoop vanilla whey isolate


  • Energy: 216,9 kcal
  • Protein: 21,1 g
  • Carbs: 32,8 g
  • Fat: 0,6 g
  • Fiber: 1,7 g


1. Cut the watermelon in four pieces and use one of those for a single person slushy. Cut the ¼ watermelon in smaller pieces and freeze for at least 3-4 hours, or (even better) leave it there overnight.
2. Set up a blender and add the water, the pieces of watermelon and the whey isolate. Blend everything together until it looks like a real slush puppy.
Note: don’t mix too long! If you do, the mixture will melt and you’ll end up with a watery smoothie.

That’s all, easy does it! Now go and satisfy your sweet tooth 😉 And tell me what is your favorite food or drink to make on hot summer days?

P.S. A few weeks ago I posted a recipe for a delicious, easy to make Nutella ice cream dream, using only three ingredients too! Make sure you don’t miss this one girliesssss

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