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Healthy body: experience the benefits of clean eating

These days we are getting more conscious of our health and that makes me happy! We try to eat healthy enough and make healthy food choices. Though this is already awesome, we can take this to a next level where we improve our health even more: clean eating. Ready to find out the benefits of clean eating?

We should want to feed our bodies rather than just fill them.

Wholesome food can do so much for the quality of our lives. It’s a good thing that we are all getting more conscious of our eating habits. Though the focus now lies mostly on calories and macronutrients, we should take composition of food into account as well. It’s not just the calories that count, but also the source of those calories.

It’s so easy to just take something from a package and have it ready to eat or drink. Things may seem a healthy choice, though when we take a closer look it may contain lots of additives. From energy bars to instant noodles and juice from a package. Lots of packaged food is filled with unnecessary high amounts of sweeteners , salt and thickeners. This contains less nutrients than fresh natural foods. And though it may seem harmless, we burden our bodies with having to process and detox this again. Eventually those refined sugars, lots of E numbers and other additives may contribute to all sorts of discomforts and even diseases. Get aware of what you eat by reading the list of ingredients.

Clean eating means we stick to a natural diet that contains wholesome, fresh, seasonal, unprocessed and organic food. 

Go for homemade as much as possible or choose foods with the least ingredients in it. Wholesome food has a much higher nutritional value with more vitamins, minerals and fiber. Have more veggies, fruit, nuts, seeds, whole grains, and choose dairy, fish and meat from a good source. Your body benefits from this sooo much. You will experience more energy, a nice body shape, clear skin and more of those lovely positive effects. We don’t always realize it, but what comes into our bodies affects our overall health. Our immune system is based in our gut, so what we eat has a big influence on how we feel.

Did you know that our immune system is mostly based in our gut?

Start with making small changes in your diet and eventually it will become a new habit. Clean eating is a way of life that gives you the best basics to build on. Prep your food to your own taste, eat with full attention and enjoy! While lots of junk food is available, we should have focus on what’s most important to us. And don’t worry.. some cheating is still allowed 😉 Just prefer natural and find good food basics that work for you. I’m sure this will have you feeling great in no time! Find a balance with the foods you take in and your body will thank you for it.

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