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I can’t tell you what has been more exciting: writing my very first book during the last couple of months, or writing this blog post about it! In December 2016 I sat down by myself with a blank piece of paper and forced myself to write down my dreams for 2017. Somewhere at the end of that paper I wrote down with a pencil (no pen!) “book”. A pencil, because I thought this was the type of dream that I could never turn into reality..

Just one month after that moment I received an e-mail from (my current) publisher, asking me to come over for a f2f meeting to discuss the opportunities. And how bizar is it that today, 10 months later, I gave my final approval to send the book to the printer company. My very first book, called: “GELUKSFACTOR 10”. For the non-Dutchies: happiness level 10 😉

What’s it about?
Ever since I revealed the book-news, I got a lot of questions regarding what the book will be about. Recipes? Workouts? My personal story as an entrepreneur? I wanted this book to be something new on the current market of “healthy books” and I wanted it to be even more complete than what I’ve done so far with the Foodie-ness blog.

This book will give all women (no matter what age, job, skills, experience or household) an all-in-one successful method to realize their personal health and happiness goals. In just 4 weeks, I will help you to dream your dreams, set your personal goals, obtain and maintain them. I made 4 weeks of daily food schedules, weekly workout schedules, weekly relaxation schedules and weekly positive mindset schedules that everyone can easily follow.

And more important: that will be extremely successful for everyone in just 4 weeks!

What to expect?
In contrast to what you’ve seen before, this book won’t be focussing on counting calories, realizing a sixpack and an unhealthy low fat %. This book will focus on you becoming the healthiest and happiest you’ve ever been. In a simple, fun and do-able-for-everyone way you will develop a healthy lifestyle that will bring you:
– a happy shape
– extreme high level of energy from the moment you wake up until the end of the day
– calmness and relaxation in your busy life
– more self-love and less uncertainties
– clarity in life
– a positive mind

No expensive gym memberships, PT’s, super foods and other equipment. I developed a method that’s applicable for literally everyone! All I ask from you is your commitment and motivation to read the first pages, get started and follow the first steps. I did all the thinking, so that you can just do the enjoy-part 🙂

In between the chapter, you can read some of my most personal and never told before stories. As you all know, I have dealt with over-weight, orthorexia, uncertainties and unhappiness. And I overcame them all, but not without overcoming some obstacles. This and more from my past is what you can expect in the book.

Where to get it?
Click here to pre-order my book and be the first to get it delivered on your door mat on the first of January. Or be fast and hit the stores on the first of January to get it in your hands immediately!

Until that moment I’ll be sharing a lot of sneak peeks, teaser video’s and more via my social media channels and the Foodie-ness newsletter (make sure to subscribe!). And.. there’s a “GELUKSFACTOR 10” book launch party to be prepared! I’m thinking about inviting some of you Foodie-ness girls with a couple of exclusive entree tickets, please let me know if you’d be interested in that 🙂

Thank you for making this dream come true, if it wasn’t for you though..

With love,

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  • Yixanne Meeuwsen

    Super super super klinkt dit!! Ik kan niet wachten tot 1 januari! En zoals ik (heeeeeel subtiel) al vaker heb laten weten zou ik super graag naar je launch party komen ❤️❤️❤️

  • Manon Wessels

    Echt zooooo super gaaf! Ik ben echt nu al MEGA enthousiast over je boek! Ik kan echt niet wachten om hem te lezen en ermee aan de slag te gaan. Het lijkt mij ook suuuuper leuk om naar je book launch party te komen! 🙂

  • Lies

    Hi Carolina, ik heb je boek gister gekocht en ben gelijk in begonnen! Zo leuk, enthousiast en goed geschreven. Ik ben heel benieuwd wat het mij gaat brengen, ben er nu al super blij mee!
    (PS: is er ook ergens een mogelijkheid om je site i.p.v Engels in het Nederlands te lezen? Hoor het graag!)


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