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Got the winter blues? Learn to beat it right now!

Winter has settled down and we’re slowly getting into the colder and darker days. The holidays can bring magical moments, but this season may also have a downside to it. It can make us a little less energetic than other seasons, because the winter blues can really get to us. For me it does, until I found a way to easily beat it!

Feeling tired with the urge to sleep in as long as possible isn’t strange for the winter blues. Just as lacking energy to get yourself going, being a bit moody on a daily basis, and having gained cravings for comfort food. These are all signs of winter blues. This isn’t how we want to get through these months, but it’s easily caught.. And yes, it has hit me too unfortunately.

“Here’s how I’ve found certain ways to increase the happy feelings and ditch the downers!”


First thing that is classic for winter is the lack of light, while this is exactly what we need. Our biological clock runs on the sunrise and sunset, which winter can mess up. Less sunshine can actually affect the brain and body. Going outside more can make a big difference, so enjoy more of the lovely winter sunshine. Make sure to get out the house or office frequently during the day, even if it’s just for a short moment. Adding some extra vitamin D with a supplement is wise, as low vitamin D statuses are linked with the winter blues.

Cozying up with a blanket and a jar of cookies might sound very pleasing, but it won’t really help to get out of the dark mood. Instead, surround yourself with others and do things that increase happy feelings. Have fun and just act crazy together. Even though you might not feel like it a first, laughing will immediately make your day seem less bad.


Though the love for carbs might be increased, it’s best to control your cravings. Too much sugar will only get you uplifted for a short moment, followed by an even larger dip after. Rather go for protein to get in the essential amino acids. These can contribute to the production of happy hormones!

However, dark chocolate is known for being a good mood-increaser too 😉 Don’t forget the omega 3 fatty acids either; they contribute to a healthy brain!


The temptation of sleeping in loooong times during the weekend may be big, but it works better if you stick to a set sleep schedule. Spending half the day in bed will only make you feel more sleepy. Get out, open up the curtains and make it an efficient day to feel better! Also make sure to keep exercising regularly. This will eventually give more energy than it seems to cost. Finding it too cold to go to the gym or for a run? Give my fun, effective and short home workouts a try and click here.

These tips should improve your mood and get you happily through the winter. And remember that after winter always comes the warming spring sunshine to lift you up again!

With love,

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