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Craving for sweet? 6 tips to beat your sugar addiction!

It’s something we all love and find hard to resist: sugar. Unfortunately it’s bad for our health and though we all know it, we still can’t seem to stay off the sweet stuff. Off course a little sugar is needed in life, but we’ve came to a point where we exceed the healthy amounts of sugar and became addicted to it. It took me some time, but I’ve managed to get control over my cravings for sweetness and I want to give you a few tips how you can also beat a sugar addiction!Watch All Girls Weekend (2016) Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

  1. Check the symptoms: It starts with realizing that you probably are in fact addicted to sugar. If you are constantly thinking about sugary snacks, trying to satisfy your sweet tooth multiple times a day, feeling you need it to get energized, etc. than you have a problem with consuming too much sugar. The side effects are issues like weight gain, high blood pressure and low energy, but also increased risk of several diseases like diabetes.
  2. Find hidden sugars: Besides the obvious foods like candy and cookies, sugar is used more than you probably think. Products like cereal, flavored yogurt , fruit juice, dressings and prepackaged food usually contain high amounts of sugar. Check the ingredient list for things like glucose, dextrose, and (the worst one) high fructose corn syrup: all different names for the same thing.
  3. Choose healthier sweets: Refined sugar can be seen as the enemy, but know that not all sugar is bad. The kind that comes from fruit is healthy as long as you don’t eat too much of it. You can also make heavenly treats yourself by using dates, bananas or sweet potatoes as a refined sugar replacement. Need some inspiration for healthy sweets? Check out my easy to make sweet snacks (and savory too) here.
  4. Find substitutes: When you feel the urge to stuff your face with donuts, Oreo’s or whatever favorite snacks you might have, then you could fight that feeling by having something high in protein, fiber and/or good fats. This will help you to feel full and feed yourself with the right nutrients.
  5. Start meal prepping: Planning and preparing your meals for the day in advance can help you to stop grabbing an unhealthy snack when you feel hungry and don’t know what to eat. If you’re new to this, click here to find out how I do my meal prepping.
  6. Take your time: Don’t ask from yourself to beat the addiction within a week or so, because this probably won’t happen this fast. When you’re longer into it you find that it’s getting easier to leave refined sugar out of your diet, because your body and brain are gradually getting used to your new way of eating. Remember you don’t have to quit consuming sugar completely, but you want to have a healthy relation with it.

It might take a while before you can live easily without sugar, but I’m sure you’ll get there! And once you do, you’re going to look and feel so much better. Be proud of the effort you’re taking and don’t try to reach for perfection. Just don’t give up on beating your sugar addiction girls, and remember I’m here to help you get to the healthiest version of yourself 🙂

With love,

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