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Body shape changing: a simple healthy fridge makeover

Nutritious and well-balanced food is key for a happy and healthy life, but did you ever realize a healthy body shape and an organized fridge go hand in hand? A big part of our daily foods need to be kept cool to stay fresh. But sometimes the fridge completely stuffed and we honestly don’t even know what’s in the back any more.. Let’s take control of our refrigerator again by doing a simple, effective healthy fridge makeover!

“Do you feel like you could improve the health status of your refrigerator?”

The inside of someone’s fridge actually tells a lot. I’ve got some guidelines for you to effectively balance and organize the inside of your refrigerator. There are basic nutritious foods that are a must have in the fridge for a well-balanced diet. And there are some of Carolina’s favorites, that I make sure to always have in stock for daily/weekly usage. Lately, I’ve been trying to pay more attention to eating vegan, but I’m still eating eggs and chicken now and then. Here is a list of basics to start from:

  • soft (frozen) fruit; like berries, bananas (for my workouts) and grapes – natures candy J
  • leafy greens; for example spinach and lettuce, but also fresh herbs
  • other veggies; my favorites are carrots and broccoli!
  • unsweeted almond milk; a tasty base for my morning oats
  • avocados; for very versatile usage in recipes or for snacking
  • margarine; I prefer Becel with avocado- and lime-oil for extra flavor and healthy unsaturated fats (Omega 3 & 6 help to maintain healthy cholesterol levels)
  • lemons; as part of my daily fruit infused water intake
  • free-range eggs; preferably kept in the carton for protection
  • (grilled) chicken; a great source of lean protein
  • cheese; for me only cottage cheese or goat cheese
  • soy yoghurt; don’t worry if the best-before date has passed, due to the high acidity it might still be good

“Not only what you put in there, but also where you place it is important to contribute to nutritious eating.”

When hunger kicks in we tend to reach for things that are in sight and reach. Without good overview, you are more likely to grab something unhealthy. By stocking strategically you can benefit from it the most. Giving your food a fixed position makes them more accessible and helps to give a good overview of what’s available and what should be bought. Always keep an eye on wholesome products (think natural, low-sugar and high-fiber and unsaturated fats) and categorize all products. Keep less healthy stuff more in the back and the better choices up front. I prefer to keep all my veggies in the fridge because this lets them to stay fresh for a longer time. Make sure to keep the leafy greens on top though, because they can go bad more easily.

Don’t forget about the freezer part either, because this also adds up to your solid health base (Ben&Jerry’s anyone? #whoops). I fill it up with fish, veggie burgers, whole wheat bread, pre-packaged fruit and obviously my homemade Foodie-ness snacks. If you are a meal prepper like me (it’s super convenient!) remember to always label your containers with date and content. Make sure to decide whether you’re eating that within two to three days, and if not place directly in the freezer. Don’t let prepped meals in the freezer get older than 3 weeks and always place new containers under older ones to guarantee the oldest goes out first 😉

“Each Sunday (before I do my weekly grocery shopping) I do a weekly inventory and check if anything is about to spoil.”

By getting creative with what’s left you can still eat it the same day and don’t have to throw it away later. Give the fridge a good cleaning every once in a while too! This keeps bacteria away and creates a fresh environment for the food in it.

Improving ánd maintaining your healthy body shape starts from what’s in the house. I’m happy if I can guide you to eat healthier and create a more responsible lifestyle – and pinky promise, a healthy fridge makeover is a good start!

Now tell me girlies! Do you already have an organized fridge and what are your fridge essentials? Please share with me 🙂

With love,

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