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9 golden Foodie-ness rules to easily lose weight

New year, new you! Which intentions have you set for 2015? Do you really, really, really want to live healthy this year, get fit and lose weight? Take my hand, because Foodie-ness is with you and here to help you through the year to achieve your personal goals!

Healthy equals happy and happy looks good on you! So let’s talk about health today. In order to live healthy you have to adjust a way of life that suits you so good that you don’t want to leave for a break. Health is key for a positive body and mind, so today I give you my favourite 9 golden rules you should follow daily to lose weight. Integrate these now, because they work! They work for me and they will work for you too. Remember that you strive for progress – not perfection – and the journey towards your goal will be fun. Once you see the results, you will meet your new biggest addiction: HEALTH!

1. Eat when you’re hungry, but full is full.
2. Don’t skip meals – especially not breakfast!
3. Eat smaller more frequent meals throughout the day (5/6 meals).
4. Drink 2 – 3L water (and skip sugary drinks).
5. Become the biggest fan of green tea.
6. Eat the right kind of carbs – read the nutrition labels!
7. Move your body and get in action! Have a look under the Foodie-ness “MOVE” tab and see how you can work that body.
8. Treat yourself once a week with extra yummy things – yes, very important… and one of my favorites: cheatdays!
9. Get enough sleep – try to sleep between 7-9 hours every night.

Girl, you got this!

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  • Fleur

    Die pet op je foto is zo gaaf! Welk model is het? Ik ben echt onwijs fan van je blog!! Keep up the great work x

    • Carolina van Dorenmalen Post author

      Hi Fleur!

      Ontzettend bedankt voor je enthousiaste bericht en lieve woorden: woop woop you made my day! 🙂
      De pet is van mijn vriend en dus van de NIKE Mannen lijn ha ha. Deze kan je via de Nike webshop nog gewoon krijgen!

      Fijne dag en ik hoor het graag als je nog meer vragen hebt, geen probleem alleen maar leuk!


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