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Sleeping beauty: getting rid of sleeping problems

Sleep is something that is underrated if you ask me… For a long time I’ve had to deal with the struggle of not being able to sleep and all the consequences that came with it. Now I’m doing better than ever and I want to share my tips to ditch any sleeping problems!

In my previous (and very personal) blog post I opened up about my sleeping situation that had been an issue for years. It’s something I hope you don’t ever have to experience it this bad. However, even less severe sleeping problems can and should be improved. I’ve made some changes in my lifestyle that eventually got me to sleep like a baby. It was so bad that I needed to learn how to sleep again, by not going to bed until I couldn’t stay awake any longer. This meant a week of going to bed not before 3 a.m.! From here I had to go 10 minutes earlier each day until I’ve reached a healthy sleep rhythm.

With this I also meditated twice a day: in the morning in bed after waking up for 10 minutes, and 10 minutes at night after dinner. Plus I improved the air quality in my home with the Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Link. This Dyson purifier has heating and cooling with air purification to create an optimal living and sleeping conditions 🙂 It automatically monitors, reacts and purifies so it’s super easy in use! A cool bedroom with healthy fresh air really helps me to get a good night sleep.

Some other tips that help to overcome sleepless nights:

  • Flight mode – shut off your phone one time after the last evening session and don’t touch until the next day.
  • Read a book – instead of being online or watching TV, grab a good book to help you relax.
  • Dim the lights – create a cozy atmosphere in the evening by dimming the lights on time.
  • Take daily mini breaks – I schedule some mandatory breaks during work to go outside and reset myself, which makes me more relaxed at night.
  • No late meals – skip large late meals to prevent having too much energy or uncomfortable feelings in bed.
  • Sleep meditation – if I still can’t sleep, I keep myself calm with some meditation to eventually fall asleep.
  • Sleep mask and earplugs – use equipment for some peace and quiet when there’s a snoring boyfriend like mine haha!

Implementing these tips in your daily life can improve your quality of sleep so much. And a good night sleep benefits your overall health, so don’t take this for granted! Please share if you ever experience sleeping problems and remember: it can always get better!

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