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Nothing beats a banana-beet smoothie

Oe la laa I kicked start my day with this colorful banana-beet smoothie, full of vitamins and minerals! Want to boost your breakfast and treat yourself with a super healthy, clean and de-li-ci-ous shake? Give this banana-beet smoothie a try, girls!

Beet is quit nutritious and by adding it into your smoothie recipe you will consume some extra veggies in your diet. Beets are particularly rich in vitamins A and K. It’s almost a shame that this veggie is not so popular, it has a mild flavor and is so delicious in combination with other healthy-blending foods. For this recipe I have chosen to combine beet with my favorite power-fruit: banana! The sweet taste of banana will turn this banana-beet smoothie into a sweet treat. From now on you can painlessly consume all the nutrition your body requires in the morning! Are you ready to rise and shine with this red velvet looking baby?


– 50 gr. oats
– 50 gr. beet
– 1 banana
– 250 ml. water
– 2 tbspn quark
– 1 tbspn honey
– Optional: Whey, to drink it as a pre-workout shake!
– Optional: Raw cacao nips as a topping


  • Energy: 398 kcal
  • Protein: 11,7 g
  • Carbs: 83,9 g
  • Fat: 4 g
  • Fiber: 9,6 g


Cut the banana into slices and add it into a blender or mixer together with the water, quark, oats, beet and honey. Now add Whey as an option to make it a perfect pre-workout meal. Serve it with raw cacao nips as a topping for a crunchy bite. Feel free to be creative and pimp your shake with another topping to taste;)

P.S. Pleaseee show me your banana-beet smoothie and tag @foodie_ness in your pictures on Instagram or Facebook!

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  • Loraine

    Hi Carolina,

    Het ziet er heeeeeerlijk uit :))) en ik wil het zsm proberen met whey. Hoeveel scoops whey voeg jij toe? Ik hoor het graag, thnx.


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