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Goodbye #fitgirl, hello my realistic beauty ideals!

The past couple of years social media has gotten a huge influence and the fit trend is growing like crazy. The awareness for a fit lifestyle is a good thing, though it seems to get a bit out of control lately. Instead of working on a good health, the world is becoming obsessed with food, fitness and perfectly toned bodies.Nowadays everyone is online and everything has to be shared, preferably with lots of fit-related hashtags like #fitgirl and picture perfect gym selfies. However, those new beauty ideals are not realistic for everyone…

Don’t call me a fitgirl, I am Carolina!

Dieting has been a thing for years, but it has gotten to a whole other level these days. I’ve been struggling for years with overweight and after losing -15kg I still don’t look like the stereotype “Instagram fit girl” (see here and here). But for me that’s not what my transformation is about and that’s why I don’t like the term fitgirl. Giving people a look into our everyday lives can be fun and inspiring, though we need to realize it is not all about our outer shell and being part of a popular online community. Wanting to be fit is great, but focusing on that too much can even become unhealthy. Having a healthy and happy mind is much more important than being “fit”. Let’s get real! I truly believe we need a new view on health and new realistic beauty ideals, by creating a good relationship with food and fitness again.

#fitgirl #failed
I have my days in which I don’t feel like going to the gym, so I don’t. And there are times that I want to eat a full bowl of Ben & Jerry’s, so I do. Is that a bad thing and does that makes me a failing fitgirl? I don’t think so, because there is no such thing as perfection. I’d rather see everyone loosen up and get the fun back in our lives. Health is about balance, remember? Set realistic goals that makes you a stronger person and please listen to what your own body and mind needs.

Everyone is different and that is something people seem to forget. What works for one, doesn’t have to work for the other. You can’t compare yourself to someone else; you can only be compared to YOU. And that doesn’t mean you should become a perfect #fitgirl Instagram person, because you’re perfect simply by being you.

Definition #fitgirl (source: ME!)
To me a true fitgirl is a lady that feels great and is happy with herself. Focus on what is really important and enjoy the (simple) beautiful things in life. Don’t strive to be a fitgirl, strive to be the best you! Personally, I don’t like to be seen as a so-called fitgirl. I only wish to be an inspiration for creating the happy life you deserve.

What do you think about the hype of #fitgirls?

Do you see yourself as a fitgirl and what does that mean to you? Do you agree with my idea of new realistic beauty ideals? I’m curious to hear your thoughts and stories, so please share them with all of us!

With love,


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