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Snack away with yummy goat cheese balls

When it comes to savory snacking it can be a challenge to fit this into your healthy diet, without it getting boring. A hand of raw nuts is great for snacking and can be very satisfying, but sometimes you just want something different and then it can be hard to resist the nacho chips with dip for example. But do we really need to stuff ourselves with these kind of processed foods? Personally, I prefer not to (too often!) and choose to find other, more natural ways to enjoy a hearty snack. Making yummy goat cheese balls is one of them!

For this recipe I’m using goat cheese, because of the consistency and also the taste is very exciting. I used to not like goat cheese at all, because I tried it once many years ago and hated the distinct taste of it ever since. Until a few years ago I found that there are many different types of goat cheese and most of them aren’t as strong from taste as I remembered. It is actually a really nice alternative to the regular cow cheese we normally consume. Combined with tasty nuts, herbs and spices it is such a pleasing snack to enjoy on a lazy afternoon, or stay-at-home girl’s night – it’s always a good idea! These little yummy ones will satisfy your snack cravings for sure 😉


– 100 g goat cheese
– big hand of pistachio nuts
– big hand of walnuts
– a few leaves fresh basil
– optional: pepper, garlic powder, cinnamon or honey
– cocktail sticks
Note: this will make 6 balls


  • Energy: 111,8 kcal
  • Protein: 5,1 g
  • Carbs: 4,2 g
  • Fat: 8,9 g
  • Fiber: 1 g



  1. Set up a mortar and add the pistachio’s, walnuts and basil.
  2. Grind and blend the nuts and basil until they are well crushed together.
  3. Now you can add some extra spices to taste, like pepper, garlic powder or cinnamon. Note: if you want to add honey to the mixture, wait till the end to do so!
  4. Set the mixture aside and get to the goat cheese. I always buy the goat cheese that is already in slices and use 1 slice per ball. If you have cheese that is in one piece, just divide it into even pieces with your hands.
  5. Use your hands to shape it into a little ball and then roll it through the nuts-basil mixture until the whole goat cheese ball is covered with it. You may use your hands to press the mixture into the balls, to make sure it’s not coming off.
  6. Put the ball on a bamboo or wooden cocktail stick and place on a plate. Repeat this with the other ones. When you’ve finished this is the time to add some honey if you like!
  7. The balls are ready to eat, but you can also leave them in the fridge first for about 15 minutes, to make them a bit more firm.

TIP: These balls also do it great in a salad or pasta, or turn it into a spread on a slice of bread!

Easy does it! And my boyfriend loves this snack 😉

With love,

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