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5 important tips to de-stress and relax for better health

Have you still got some Sunday spare time or are you just as busy as most of us these days? All those daily activities, tasks and responsibilities give us little time to relax. The body and mind are quite well connected and all this stress can have more influence than you might think! Of course we don’t want to deal with the negative consequences. Read more about my ways to de-stress and relax for a better health!

Don’t get me wrong, but let’s begin by saying that stress can be very useful. It’s a natural function that can make you perform better and react to dangerous situations. Though it’s actually the constant state of stress that makes it a problem. Nowadays there are many factors that can cause stress to body and mind. After high stress we should be able to relax and recover again. If not, this can result in causing physical and emotional problems. Think digestive problems, fatigue, high blood pressure, burnouts and depressions.

Especially young women tend to be more sensitive to stress and burnouts – something to be cautious for… We need to learn how to find time to de-stress and relax. Here is how I manage to do this:

  1. Take a breath
    Yes, it can be that easy! Take a moment to just sit back, relax and take a deep breath. Breathing mindful gives more oxygen and calm feelings. It may seem a bit weird at first, having to control your breathing as it comes so naturally. But the more you practice it, the easier it gets and the more effect you’ll get from it. Not only when you feel stressed, but every day is good to find a moment for getting mindful. Our breathing is part of detoxing the body and mind.
  2. Take it outside
    Being outdoors is one of my favorite things to do, especially now the sun is showing more often! When I go for a walk out in nature it works almost therapeutic, as it helps to clear my head. The fresh air and activity boosts our happy hormones (endorphins) and reduces tension. It doesn’t have to be long if you don’t have much time, short walks work as well.
  3. Make your home feng shui
    The environment you spend your time in should have a positive feeling to it. Feng shui is the believe that your environment can influence your happiness. So why not give it a try and redecorate your home? It might give a whole new feeling to it. Also keep it organized and don’t forget to add some plants! This doesn’t only look nice, it also helps purifying the air plus taking care of greenery calms us too 🙂
  4. Food for thought
    Literally! Ever heard of the gut-brain axis? Food and how we feel have a close relation. We all know that good feeling a slice of pizza can bring! But when we have too much of that pizza and other comfort food (exorphins), it won’t help us to feel better. On the contrary, it can give even more stress to the body! Especially during stressful situations we should feed our body rather than fill it. Good food gives the fuel that your body needs.
  5. Supplement it
    Even when we eat good food, we can use a little extra sometimes. Nutrients like magnesium and vitamin C are very helpful and can easily be added to your diet in form of supplements. Certain herbs (like rhodiola) also work great during stress. Or try the benefits of essential oils to help you relax.

Stress is in all our lives and isn’t bad at all, as long as we can manage it. Know the difference between good and bad stress and learn to control it. Of course there are more ways to deal with stress, but this really helps me during stressful times. So don’t forget to make some extra time to de-stress and relax each day 🙂

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