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100% bikini-friendly: my super easy airy quark creation

Today I’ve got a recipe for you which I’m sure you want to try soon, but I’m not quite sure how to call this haha #lol! As you might know I tend to create new dishes or snacks based on what we got at home and just get creative with it. This airy quark creation doesn’t need much ingredients and you probably already have everything you need for it as well. It’s something like a mousse and quark pie-ish, but made simple and 100% bikini-friendly. Either way, this low-calorie winner is great for dessert or just to enjoy when you’re into something fluffy and full of protein!

Quark suits a healthy diet very much as it contains a high amount of casein (the “slow” kind of protein) and calcium. Especially the low-fat variant is great with few calories. Preferably use the natural flavor, because ones with fruity flavors might seem more attractive, but there’s usually a lot of sugar and other unnecessary stuff added to it. You can better add fresh fruit to the quark for more flavor 🙂

With love,


– 250 g low-fat quark
– 1 egg
– ½ scoop whey vanilla
– fruit by choice


  • Energy: 345 kcal
  • Protein: 46,9 g
  • Carbs: 25 g
  • Fat: 7 g
  • Fiber: 1,5 g



  1. Preheat the oven to 180 degrees Celsius.
  2. Grab a bowl and add the following ingredients: the low-fat quark, egg and whey powder.
  3. Set up a blender or other food processor to mix the batter and ‘whisk’ it to one airy mixture. Note: the structure should be really light and airy, so mix it for at least 5 minutes. You’ll notice if it’s enough when the batter extents to a big height.
  4. Now take a small oven dish and grease it up. I use coconut oil or coconut baking spray for this.
  5. Pour in the mixture and put some fruit on top for decoration and extra flavor!
  6. Place the oven tray in the oven for 25-30 minutes.

That’s all, so now go taste your new creation! 🙂

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  • Myrthe

    What can you use instead of whey?

    • Carolina van Dorenmalen Post author

      Hi there again!

      I like to add the whey because it gives a nice flavor to it, but I think you can replace it with something else if you don’t have whey at home. Not sure how the outcome is though, but you could try something like almond flour or grated coconut!

      Please let me know if you tried to make it and what you’ve used instead of the whey, I’m curious how that turns out!

      With love,

  • ML

    Can you make it and eat it the next day as breakfast or should you eat it hot straight from the oven?

    • Carolina van Dorenmalen Post author

      Ola ML,

      Thank you so much for reading my blog and taking the time to respond to this recipe! I think it tastes the best when it comes from the oven and is still a little warm, but you could definitely make it the day before and have it for breakfast the next day. Then you can also warm it up a bit in the microwave if you like.

      Sorry for the late response by the way, it are crazy busy times for me right now… But that only means there’s more Foodie-ness inspiration coming your way! Let me know when you’ve tried to make this quark creation and how you liked it 🙂

      With love,

  • Eva

    Kan dit recept ook vegan?

  • Rianti

    Wat voor lepel gebruiken voor de whey? Een scoop, eetlepel, theelepel?
    Hoor het graag!

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