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What you need to know to get a glowing and healthy skin

It’s time for some beauty talk, beauties 😉 I’m always getting questions about how I get my skin to look the way it does and I think that’s an interesting subject to tell you more about. So today I’m sharing with you some Carolina tips and tricks on how to get a glowing and healthy skin!

Favorite healthy skin food 
All what we take in has influence on our outside shell and if we make the right choices we can experience more positive effects! Food has a great deal in how we look and feel, even more than you might expect. Not only does it have impact on our size and body shape, but also our skin gets influenced with it. Too much unhealthy fat and fast carbs can cause skin problems like pimples and wrinkles. On the other hand, we can positively influence our skin as well! Water, veggies, protein and omega 3 fatty acids have many beneficial qualities that help to get that glowing and healthy skin we like to have. So add more of those yummy walnuts, fatty fish, blueberries, carrots and green tea to your diet!

“We are what we eat”

Fresh air & bright sunrays
But there’s more that influences our skin. Now summer is finally introducing itself again, and we can be found outside regularly! The fresh air and bright sunrays makes us happy, and that also counts for the skin. It can give you a nice glowy and fresh look. Though we should be careful of exposing ourselves to the sun too much, because we don’t want those awful sunburns! It’s not only very uncomfortable walking around with painful red skin, it can also damage you in the longer term if this happens often. Think wrinkled skin, pigment changes and a higher chance of skin cancer. So don’t stay unprotected in the sun too long and use (natural) sunscreen.

Cleaning your skin
Very important! I have a morning and evening routine where I cleanse my skin with a natural cleaner and a skin brush. Those skin brushes come in all different forms and prices and for not too much money you can purchase a descent one. I find it very rewarding to give my skin a good cleansing session from make-up and dirt every single night! Make sure to get enough sleep as well, because the term beauty sleep isn’t just a saying 🙂 Our body recovers at night when we’re asleep, including our skin!

Actually all we do seems to find its way to our skin, whether good or bad. I don’t think I have to tell you that smoking and too much alcohol isn’t the way to go, right? 😉 But what if you seem to do everything right and still not getting that peachy skin? Well, although we can do a lot to our skin, sometimes it comes from a deeper cause, more difficult to treat. Hormones are known to be real troublemakers for skin too. When our hormones aren’t in balance, we can experience problems like acne and rosacea. Or you may come short of certain nutrients like zinc and vitamin C, then supplements can give you a helping hand.

“Beauty comes from within”

When we feel good we look good and vice versa. And that means that our outer beauty also comes from within. We are all unique and that counts for the way our skin acts to certain things as well. And, as with everything, our genetics also play a roll.

Are you experiencing skin problems that don’t seem to get better even with the tips above? Then it can be useful to check with a professional. Or try the Foodie-ness online personal coaching Premium program to guide you to a glowing and healthy skin!

With love,

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