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Versatile and incredible: mayo-free healthy tuna salad spread

Get ready for your new favorite spread, because this recipe for healthy tuna salad spread contains no mayo and is so tasty! I li-la-like this mayo-free healthy tuna salad spread so much and guess what.. my hubby is the one to thank for. My hubby was craving for some “bad” tuna salad spread on his piece of bread, but once he figured out we only had clean and healthy ingredients in our refrigerator, he got creative! And I got hungry too. Sharing is caring, so I’m spreading the spread.. uhh word 😉

This mayo-free healthy tuna salad spread recipe makes a great healthy, quick and easy weekday light lunch or snack. I think it’s an incredible versatile dish and I prefer to spread some protein crackers with a thick layer of tuna-party. But we have also combined this fresh tuna spread in a cold pasta meal and salad. Enough reasons to try it out! And the good news is: it’s so easy and fast to make with just a few ingredients.

“Super filling, heart healthy and so super yummy!”

TIP: Whenever I make us some mayo-free healthy tuna salad spread, I make some extra and keep it in the refrigerator. That way, my hubby and me can enjoy it for some more moments later that week.

The sun is out girls, celebrate it with this delicious tuna salad spread!

With love,


-150 g. tuna (on water)

-100 g. cottage cheese

-Shredded red onion

-Garlic powder & pepper to taste

-Pinch of salt

-Optional: capers


  • Energy: 266,6 kcal
  • Protein: 49,9 g
  • Carbs: 11,2 g
  • Fat: 1,8 g
  • Fiber: 1,3 g



  1. Leak out the tuna and put the 100 grams in a bowl. Add the cottage cheese, salt, pepper and garlic powder in the bowl.
  2. Mash it all together with a mixer.
  3. Add the shredded red onion and if you like, this is the moment to add some capers for the taste. The last step is to add the remaining 50 grams of tuna with it. Mix everything together with a spoon, so NOT with the mixer.
  4. Now you only have to go to the park for your picnic or eat it wherever you like! If you have some salad left, keep it in the fridge and you can eat it the next day also, yummie!

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  • Olivia

    This looks super yummy!! I usually stay away from cottage cheese because I think I read once that it has a lot of sodium???? But maybe I should go get some because this looks really really good!!

  • Charlotte

    Ik heb de ‘tip-top-tonijn-spread uit jouw eerste boek gemaakt, vond hem heerlijk!!!
    Heb er nu een rood uitje bij toegevoegd, zag dat dit ook in dit recept op de site zit… proeven hoe dat bevalt!?!

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