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My explanation for your daily weight fluctiations

Standing on your scale can be awful. One day you stand on the scale and you may be fine with the numbers on it, but the next day all of a sudden its telling you that you gained weight! Recognizable? This used to get me really frustrated, but now I know it is actually a normal thing. Let me tell youhow those fluctuations in your weight are possible!

Most people who want a fitter body are striving for a certain number on the scale and try all kind of weird things just to get their weight down. Me too. Then I came to realize that weight doesn’t necessarily equals the way you look (see here my two different body types with the same amount of kilos). Not only when you are losing weight, but also when you want to maintain the weight you have, it is absolutely normal and also inevitable to have daily weight fluctuations. This can have different causes.

Your fluid balance influences your daily weight the most. Your body consists of a huge amount of water and it differs how much that exactly is. A lower weight can be explained by losing a lot of fluid after a workout when you didn’t drink enough water. But it is also normal to retain more fluid in case of warm dayseating a lot of salty thingshaving your period or taking certain medication.

What you eat also plays a big factor. After a meal you will weigh more, but most of the content in your stomach (bowels and blather) will leave your body again, so this isn’t your actual weight. To actually gain weight, you would have to consume a lot more calories than you normally do and for a longer period of time.

Your body weight is fluctuating all day long, so when you step on the scale, it’s best to do this in the morning and without clothes (and after going to the toilet haha!), to get the most accurate number. It is not necessary to weigh yourself more than once a week, and I do it even less. A better idea to keep track of your progress is by taking pictures of your body every once in a while. Click here to see my belly in the morning and in the evening.

Summarized, we all have daily weight fluctuations and that’s normal. Most important message I want to give to you: what the scale says is NOT what you should focus on! Forget the numbers and rather focus on what the mirror tells you. Track your progress by how you are feeling, because this is worth so-much-more!

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