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How sleeping influences your health and happiness + tips to boost!

Something we all have in common is the need of having a good night’s sleep. It’s something we easily take for granted, but sleep has a lot more influence than you might expect. I’ve learned that the hard way by being in sleep therapy for a couple of months, but I’ve learned how to boost sleep quality and improve your health and happiness. And I wanna share my tips with you..

If you know me a little, you’ve probably found out that sleep has been quite an issue for me for as long as 3 years. I’m very happy to have shared my personal story with you, because I got so much love and support from every single one of you! My sleep quality has improved sooo much lately and I really want to help others improve their sleep as well.

“When we sleep our body and mind recover”

Sleep gives our body the best rest it can get. At night we process everything we have to deal with during the day and relax to the max. A good night rest helps to lower stress hormones and that is suuuper important for both our health and happiness! If our stress hormones stay high it can result in worrying more, feeling anxious and even feeling down or depressed. It also increases inflammation which can cause all sorts of body discomforts and poor body conditions. Our immune system weakens and the risk of getting ill rises.

Did you know that less sleep can also cause weight gain? When your body is stressed and not able to get its much needed rest, it affects the digestion and metabolism in a negative way. This can result in a higher body weight and more belly fat. Not something we want, but definitely something to keep from happening by boosting your sleep!

“Sleep is our medicine”

Now let’s talk positive and see how you can become the healthiest and happiest sleeping beauty! Here are some easy to adapt lifestyle changes to improve your quality of sleep:

  1. A daily life routine helps to support the body’s natural biorhythm. Get to bed and rise on set times to keep your routine. This gives the mind the right signals at night and in the morning to be able to go to sleep and get up again without much effort.
  2. Eat more fresh food with less sugar and high carb options. Rather go for food with enough protein, good fats and high fiber carbs for a regulated blood sugar. This is important for our body to keep a steady hormonal regulation, which we need for a good night’s sleep, and have a better metabolism as well.
  3. Upgrade your vitamin and mineral intake. A lack of nutrients like magnesium can cause a disturbed sleeping pattern. This has to come from food in the first place, but can be complemented with food supplements. Taking your supplements for relaxation and recovery an hour before going to bed will help you through the night!
  4. Relax both during the day and at night to reduce the stress level and prevent sleep killers like overthinking and even nightmares. Don’t drink coffee nor black or green tea at night either, because the body takes long to break down the caffeine. This is what gives us a rushed feeling, which we definitely don’t need at night.
  5. A bit of a taboo maybe, but our menstrual cycle can also influence our sleep quality. I’ve found that in my period I used to sleep uneasy, but since I’m using Libresse Ulta Goodnight Extra this has become much better! It gives comfort and extra protection the entire night. Good to know: Libresse now gives away free samples to try it out yourself plus get a chance to win a set of bed sheets! #Sleepfearless

If you implement this in your daily life, I’m sure your sleep quality will get a well-deserved boost! This will increase your health and happy feelings in no time and what’s not to love about that?!

With love,
*This blog post was made in collaboration with Libresse, but has had no effect on my opinion.

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