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Colds and flu: 6 tips to prevent getting sick

With the switch to a new season getting sick seems almost inevitable BUT it doesn’t have to be like that! There are certain actions you can undertake to limit your chances of getting that annoying cold or even the flu. Here are my 6 tips to boost your immune system and prevent getting sick 😉

TIP 1: Eat healthy
It may be an open door, but at this time of year we seem to forget about our wholesome food intake and fall for the temptations of comfort food. Rather go for healthier choices with lots of veggies and fruit, and don’t forget your protein as these are a very important part of the immune system too. Check out my immunity booster recipe for a good start!

Tip 2: Move your body
A good body condition will also help to strengthen your immune system. Preferably go outside to get some exercise as well, because the outdoor air will do you much better than being indoors with the heat on all the time. So face the cold and get out that bike to go to work or run your favorite route!

TIP 3: Relax and destress
Stress is one of the factors that can lower the body’s resistance against bad bacteria and viruses. Make time to relax with something as simple as reading a book, or get a massage or go to the sauna. And if you did get that cold, then a sauna is nice to make you feel a bit better.

TIP 4: Sleep well
Enough rest is underestimated of how much it can affect your body if you don’t. Getting enough sleep at night (about 7 to 9 hours) is key for a strong body, as this is the time to recover and rebuild. Listen to your body and stick to set times of sleep to support your biorhythm.

TIP 5: Stay clean
Being clean is good to fight of germs. Our hands are the first to get in touch with diseases, so make sure to wash your hands regularly. Also frequently clean objects that are touched regularly (think phones and door knobs). Though you shouldn’t want to be too clean. Washing our hands too much can actually work against us as it may wash of the good bacteria that we need to have!

TIP 6: Supplements
Good food is always the base to provide our body with, but we sometimes need some additional supplements. Everyone knows the importance of vitamin C when it comes to your immune system, but don’t forget about other nutrients like zinc, vitamin D and vitamin A! Adding extra of those nutrients definitely adds up to prevent getting sick or to get better faster.

Did these tips came a little late for you or are you despite the effort still as unlucky to get sick? Then read here how to deal with working out. If you have more tips to help keeping out the sick symptoms and prevent getting sick, then let us know!

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