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To workout or not to workout when you’re sick?

The hardest part of being sick, is having very little control over your body. Which can be really frustrating, if you ask me. However, it doesn’t have to mean that you have to give up your healthy habits immediately and throw in the towel just yet! Curious how I deal with my workouts when I’m sick? Let me tell you all about it on today’s blog post!

When I still go for a workout when I’m sick..
Being sick means you would have to take it a bit slower with working out, but (depending on how sick you feel) you can still go and do some exercising on a lower level. This means there will be some changes in your routine of sporty living, but it is necessary to not (!) overdo it and ask too much of your body. When I’m a bit sick, I can still go for a walk (instead of a run) if I feel like I’m able to, but I will make it a shorter and less intense training. This is also the case with a weight lifting workout when you’re sick. Pick some less heavy weights and see how far it’s comfortable with your reps and sets.

When I STOP working out immediately..
If you are more sick than just a cold, like having a fever, then it’s better to just let your body give it the rest it needs and don’t feel guilty about not being able to give it your all. Sometimes that is just what you need to recover and come out stronger! It is all about balancing your good and bad days. It’s good to know that when you are already a healthy and fit person, you are more likely to recover sooner from your illnesses. Which is another good reason to get of that couch and start improving your way of life if you’re not already on a fit journey!

Start noticing some first signs of getting sick? Make sure to strengthen your immune system right away with some good food, like healthy smoothies, and complement this with high quality supplements. Click here to read which supplements I recommend.

Stay healthy and happy my dear fitties!

With love,
P.S. What’s your opinion about to workout or not to workout when you’re sick?

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