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Bliss on with Carolina's carrot cake bliss balls

A while ago I made the red velvet bliss balls again and it inspired me to make another recipe for sweet bliss balls, adding up to your veggie intake. I love how bliss balls are really easy to make, easy to vary in taste, easy to bring along (I never leave the house without a good homemade snack by my side) and easy when it comes to keep control on the calories. After I shared a preview of these Carolina carrot cake bliss balls on the Foodie-ness Instagram stories, you guys got just as excited as I am.. so here it is: I proudly present to you the recipe 😉

Do you love the taste and smell or carrot cake? Good! Keep that in mind and get your carrot cake bliss balls party started, because this will be even better! Did I already say low-kcal? Well there you go, counts only 75 kcal!



– 6 medjoul dates
– 100 g oats
– 1 tbsp. pumkin spice
– 100 g carrots
– 50 g raisins
– 1 tl. vanilla extract
– coconut flakes


  • Energy: 75 kcal
  • Carbs: 14,7 g
  • Protein: 1,8 g
  • Fat: 0,7 g
  • Fibres: 1,9 g


  1. Put the dates in a bowl and cover with warm water.
  2. Meanwhile put the carrots  in a kitchen machine or blender to mix into tiny pieces.
  3. Then add the soaked dates, raisins, oats, pumkin spice and vanilla, and mix to a whole.
  4. Now you can make balls of the mixture with your hands. Roll the balls through the grated coconut and place them on a plate.
  5. Put the carrot cake bliss balls in the fridge to let them stiffen up a little. Have a ball as a yummy, fast and very nutritious snack!

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  • Lotte

    Super leuk recept!
    Hoe veel balletjes moet ik draaien om van deze hoeveelheid ingrediënten, ballen te maken van 75 cal.?

    • Carolina van Dorenmalen Post author

      Hi Lotte, Dank je wel voor je bericht! Ik heb met dit recept 7 balletjes gemaakt! Mocht je verder nog vragen hebben, laat het gerust weten :-)! Fijne dag!

  • OrvilleWeent

    click reference https://hydra20online.com

  • Tessa

    Naar aanleiding van de podcast heb je mij nieuwsgierig gemaakt! Deze ga ik snel maken, meteen een goede reden om nu echt een keukenmachine aan te schaffen 😉

  • Malou

    Wat een tof recept!
    Waar kopen jullie je pumpkin spice? Of maken jullie dit zelf?
    Liefs, Malou

  • Shiffrah

    Kunnen de balletjes ingevroren worden?

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