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4 tips to keep that post-vacation glow after summer

The peak of Summer is over and we’re all slowly getting back to ‘normal life’ again. After a vacation it can be a little challenging to get into our (healthy) routines again and keeping that post-vacation serenity. So, is there a secret to keep the post-vacation glow and get back into your daily routine? After dealing with my weight, health, energy levels and mindset for a couple of years now, I want to share how I handle it to get smartly back on track after a time off!

“With a little pre-vacation planning and a smart plan for your first few days back, you can accomplish a smooth exit and re-entry!”

WORK: plan a buffer day
When I’ve been away for a vacay I prefer to have an extra day off before getting into work again. It helps me to use these days getting used to the regular routine again and it feels nice starting things up slowly. Use this time to do all types of chores at home (laundry, grocery shopping, cleaning, napping to get over the jet lagetc.), see your family and maybe spend the first evening after a vacay on the couch with Netflix and chill. Get yourself re-acclimated to your sweet home helps to keep the post-vacation glow 🙂

HEALTH: always keep in touch and be a planning master
For me, there are two solutions to obtain the easiest way for reuniting with a healthy diet. Firstly, not completely letting go of your healthy eating habits while being away from an everyday environment. Vacations are definitely suited for enjoying good food, but don’t throw your healthy habits totally out the window. (Read here how you can easily manage this.) And secondly, when you get back from your vacay, use your “buffer day” to do your grocery shopping first thing. This forces you to start off healthy right away and helps you to plan your meals.

SPORTS: set a (new) workout schedule
It can be a good thing to give your body a break from trainings every once in a while. But after coming back, I just want to start powerful again. And it better be fast, because if I wait to long with it – I’ll lose my motivation. To do so, I try making a simple two-week schedule with exercises as a guideline/plan and set new goals for myself. This helps you to get motivated and back on it, and after two weeks you’ll feel like you’ve never been away 🙂

MINDSET: think positive
A break is the perfect way for some reloading. It’s something we all need from time to time, but see it as a gift, rather than a must. Having a positive attitude towards your working life makes things much easier. Use the new gained energy to the fullest and implement those positive vibes in your day-to-day life!

SLEEP: Zzzz….
Many people experience jet lag feelings after traveling, and especially if your vacay crossed one or more time zones. Lack of sleep quality or quantity due to a jet lag can contribute to feeling down, disoriented and even a little depressed that your vacay is over. I use this “buffer day” to get back more gentle into my usual sleep schedule from home, because it will help you to transition back a little easier into your normal life.

Getting back into the daily life at home can take a while if you aren’t prepared for it. This of course isn’t helpful for a good start, but is quite easy to change with only some small adjustments. Hopefully you can use my tips to speed it up, keep the post-vacation glow after summer and get back on track even better than before!

With love,
*This blog post was made in collaboration with SportCity, but has had no effect on my opinion.

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