This is me

Foodie-ness is online and here you found your platform for foodie-and fitness inspiration! Let’s start right now and right here with making changes and breaking traditions, in order to become fit and healthy!

My name is Carolina and I fulfill my lifestyle with applying, adjusting and exploring food and fitness into my own way to become fit. Being innovative is what I try to achieve to make progress and keep having fun! I use my motivation, dedication and willpower to push myself forward and I believe sharing it with you will be your push forward too. I would like to share with you the ups and downs during my journey to become fit and offer you a bunch of epic tools that will definitely help you getting started or upgrade you to a next level to keep making (personal!) progress!

You’re looking at an ordinary girl who’s taking her foodie-and fitness hobby very serious and sees it as a challenge to combine it with a full time job, study, a blog, social activities and other mainstream life chaos. I graduated in two Masters of Business Administration and am now in the middle of a 2-year traineeship as a Project Manager at HP. Together with my boyfriend we have our own house and it’s located close to all of our sweetest friends. I like to spend a lot of time with them, but moreover with my parents and little sissy. Family first!

Does this type of profile story sounds familiar to you? Probably! Time is tight, but YES I do am able to fit everything in a week! Everyone is always busy nowadays and we all have some constraints, but let me show you how you are able to run your hectic life healthy and fit. On this blog you will not only read what is essential to do but also how, how much and when. These aspects are even more important and I will share it with you along the way.

Let’s do this, it’s gonna be fun sweeties! YAY!

With love,