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Your 5 life-saving tips for happy and healthy feet

The weather is slowly (VERY slowly in Amsterdam..) getting better and I’m super ready for summer days to come! This means we can almost leave our winter gear in the closet and get out the nice summery outfits. One of which are cute sandals that should show healthy and fresh looking feet! Our feet have been “locked up” for the past months, which might have costs us to neglect them a bit too much. Time for a change now and I’m about to help! Let me give you a few ideas on how to make your feet look healthy and feel great again 🙂

“Healthy feet = happy days”

  1. Toenail treatment

Just as the nails from our hands, the ones on our feet need love! Cut them every few weeks to keep them from getting too long, because if you don’t they might grow in and that’s no fun. Don’t make them too short either or the same may happen as well. Cut the nails in a straight shape and use a glass nail file carefully refine them. Add a base cote polish and finish with your favorite nail polish color to make them shine!

  1. Scrub and moisturize

Not only our face needs some exfoliating every once in a while, but the body too and especially the feet which we seem to forget a bit too often (#guilty). By giving your feet a good scrubbing we can soften the skin of the foot and remove excessive calluses. End the scrub session with a good moisturizing cream and let dry before putting on socks.

  1. Pamper your feet

After a long day with lots of walking around or long periods of standing, it can be so pleasant to pamper your feet with a foot bath. Fill a tub with lukewarm water and some caring oil. Soak them for 5 to 10 minutes while you fully relax. After that gently dry your feet and ankles and start massaging to release from pain and stress. Or use your sweetest charm to get your lover to do it for you 😉

  1. Choose good footwear

We don’t always realize how much influence shoes can have on feet, knees and lower back. Not well fitted or bad quality shoes can give pain and could lead to serious injuries – something we should definitely avoid! Especially summer shoes like flats and simple flip-flops can lack the essential support and give instability. Rather choose ones that have good soles, like the slippers from Birkenstock!

  1. Take care of imperfections

If you see your feet having some annoying imperfections, make sure to treat them with the required resources to prevent infections. If imperfections come back too often, have them looked at by a qualified podiatrist (= foot doctor) and try to find out where the problems come from.

With these tips I’m sure you will rock the summer look with happy and healthy feet to happily carry you around. Go for happy and healthy feet in look and feel!

With love,

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  • Amanda Drew

    My feet have been hurting me for about a week now, and I don’t know what’s wrong. The arch of my foot just hurts. So, I like your suggestion to fill up a bucket with oil and lukewarm water and let them relax. Still, I think that I’ll find a foot doctor near me to take a look at my feet.

  • Cameron Bennett

    I like that you mention finding good supportive shoes because we don’t always realize the effect they have on our feet. I know I sometimes overlook getting good shoes because I’ll tend to get something that’s trendy or cute over supportive. It’s important though, to make sure that you’re taking care of your feet and seeing a podiatrist if you’re experiencing pain or need advice on how to better care for your feet.

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