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Workout recovery: how many rest days?

We all know how a run in the morning or pumping your muscles in the gym can be beneficial for a healthy body, however giving your body enough rest is just as important for your overall well being. Though we all might believe that we need to workout as often as possible to get that beloved bikini body, that actually isn’t the case (thankfully ha ha!). Wanna know how many rest days are needed for your body to achieve the best results?

When exercising regularly, it is very important to give your muscles enough rest. Each time you are working out, your muscle fiber cracks and thus needs time to heal. This means that you shouldn’t train the same muscle group two days in a row. It is better to spread it out a little. You also have to take some days off and relax your body to be able to fully recover and eventually grow more muscle mass.

Other than that, it is important to create a good balance between weight training, cardio and rest to maintain a healthy lifestyle. In this article I already explained how many and what type of workouts are desired per week. Depending on your personal preference and body goals, I recommend to have at least two days of rest per week. Myself, I workout 4 times a week and occasionally 5 times. Besides the physical rest, it is also a necessity to give yourself a mental break. Being committed to your health is a good thing, but you do need some time of not thinking about exercising, eating right and stressing about other things.

A cheat meal (or even a whole cheat day) isn’t that bad if you do it occasionally. Make time to be with your friends and family, or spoil yourself with a nice spa treatment or an evening of Netflix and Ben & Jerry’s. This will make you a much more happier person than when being strict to yourself 24/7. Because of those rest days you can really recover and get new energy to continue your healthy lifestyle and will make you look and feel better!

I believe that we should listen to our body and the good vibes will follow. How many rest days do you have per week? I’m excited to hear about your experiences!

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